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Know which Snapchat ads are bringing in qualified leads

Attribute calls and texts to specific Snapchat ads

Drive more leads with Snapchat Ads. 

What is Snapchat Ads?

Snapchat Ads is a multimedia messaging app that allows users to easily talk with friends and view Live Stories from around the world.

How does the Snapchat Ads + CTM integration benefit my business?

Snapchat Ads offers Swipe to Call and Swipe to Text ads which you can integrate with CallTrackingMetrics to directly attribute calls and texts from customers to specific Snapchat campaigns. Track which ads are driving more phone calls, texts, and qualified leads and use that data to inform your advertising strategy and optimize your budget.

The integration also allows agents to preview Snapchat ad details in the activity log and preview the ad within CTM, so you can offer a more personalized experience while interacting with customers. In addition, Snapchat leads can be routed to specific agents or queues who are trained to handle those leads in a particular way or to address specific campaigns, adding efficiency for your team and improving the customer’s overall experience.

Key benefits of the Snapchat Ads integration:

  • Analyze which Snapchat ads are contributing to quality leads and conversions
  • Streamline communications between your agents and customers by previewing Snapchat ad session data prior to or during live interactions
  • Build upon your Snapchat advertising strategy with data to make informed decisions

How does the Snapchat Ads + CTM integration work? 

To start tracking leads from Snapchat Ads within CTM, you will set up a custom tracking source and number for Snapchat in our platform to use for your ads. You will also connect CTM to your Snapchat Ads account. Once a user calls or texts your tracking number from your Snapchat ad, their record will appear in the CTM activity log, which will show you all the details of the ad including the ad preview.

This integration is being offered on our Marketing Pro, Sales Engage, and Enterprise plans.