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Integrate call tracking data with your Symplify process

Amplify your A/B testing efforts with call tracking data

Increase conversions via your site pages. 

What is Symplify? 

Symplify is a cloud solution provider for marketing automation, CRM, and CRO. 

How does the Symplify + CTM integration benefit my business?

Symplify’s conversion suite gives you real-time visibility into A/B testing and conversion analytics of your live site. With our integration, you can bring in the data gathered from phone calls, texts, chats, and form fills in CallTrackingMetrics to inform your testing strategy and boost performance. Track which pages are driving more phone calls and qualified leads, and use that to tailor the experience on your pages. Tracking data syncs over automatically to Symplify so you can continually optimize and improve your site pages in real time.

Within CTM, agents can also view a customer’s Symplify testing history. This allows agents answering phone calls to reference which experiment or version of a page a customer was viewing while interacting with them in order to personalize their experience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Key benefits 

  • Implement call tracking data to inform your A/B testing strategy in Symplify.
  • Deliver a more personalized experience on the phone by granting agents access to a customer’s session history with Symplify.
  • Gain a bird’s-eye view into web performance and how it impacts your customer conversations.

How does the Symplify + CTM integration work?

To start sending call tracking data into Symplify, you will create a trigger within CTM to send data into Symplify.

Once configured, you can then query this data in the statistics reporting of the A/B test in Symplify. Agents within CTM will be able to view what experiment a customer was shown under the Session Data tab under a contact within the activity log.

Symplify is available for users on our Sales Engage and Enterprise plans.