Conversation Analytics and Reporting

Tools to capture actionable data, trends, and indicators from your customer communications

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Automate insights from all your customer communications

There's no better way to get to know your customer than through their own communications with your brand. Gain a strategic advantage and a thorough understanding of your customer's full journey with a complete suite of conversation intelligence tools and features. Measure customer sentiment, automatically identify and score qualified conversations, and give strategists everything they need to knock their campaigns out of the park.

Use conversation analytics to:

  • Build your ideal customer profile
  • Optimize your sales and customer service processes
  • Maximize your resources to focus on quality conversations
  • Identify trends and customer sentiment in real-time

Real-Time Reporting for Real Opportunity

Arm your team with visuals to make data-driven decisions

Conversation trends, call center KPIs, keyword-level campaign performance, and much more. Access an array of reports designed to help you optimize your marketing efforts and team performance. Every report can be filtered, exported, and scheduled so you get the information you need when you need it. Agencies can also create customized reporting for their clients, so you deliver the critical bullet points without any additional noise or unnecessary effort.

Need more ways to visualize your call tracking data? Let’s build it

Your data, your way

Make your data work for you and build custom reports based on your unique business needs. Want to see how many of your customers mentioned a specific phrase in the past week or how many form submissions you’ve received from a particular zip code? Apply filters to generate a report that monitors whatever metrics mean the most for your business. And there’s no need to stop at custom reports. With an open API and hands-on developer support, integrate conversation data into your existing tech stack.

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