Auto Dialer Technology

Automatically connect agents with customers, maximizing productivity and conversions

This productivity-driving feature automates your call center's outbound calls based on criteria and timeframes that you customize, helping your team instantly connect with prospects and customers in need.

By defining rules and milestones in Auto Dialer's control panel, you can manage your calls simply and strategically in line with agent availability and caller behavior. The result is increased responsiveness, better lead cultivation, and higher conversion rates

Intelligent Dialing Evaluates the agents-to-list ratio to ensure an agent will be available to take the call
Agent Productivity Increases productivity with automated scripts, pre-recorded voicemails, and repeat-call prevention
Dial-Out Schedules Protects your agents from placing outbound phone calls to locations and time zones outside of the time schedule
Security Features Includes features like "Do Not Call List" detection, and secure call recordings
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No More Missed Opportunities

Auto Dialer connects you with prospects and customers in need of service in the right way at the right time — boosting conversions and helping you provide the outstanding service that sets you apart.

By leveraging your existing CTM configurations, your agents will find themselves connected efficiently — progressing from call to call without missing a beat.

Work seamlessly with:

  • Softphone
  • FormReactor
  • Custom Triggers
  • Call Queues
  • Text Messages
  • Voicemails/Scripts

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Our implementation team will work with you to configure the Auto Dialer and ensure it is fully integrated into your existing setup and call strategy.

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