Using our Custom Softphone

Achieve workforce flexibility and scale without any costly desktop phones.

What is a softphone?

A softphone is simply a phone powered by the internet, so you can make calls from your laptop, desktop, or any device. For the more technical among us, a softphone is embedded software that enables voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone calls. VoIP phones can look just like other office phone systems that sit on a desk, but softphones are browser-based or mobile apps.

Softphones vs traditional business phone systems

Choosing between a VOIP softphone and a traditional desk phone might come down to preference. But there are some significant differences between the two to consider:

  • Cost & scalability: There’s no incremental cost to adding a new employee to a softphone, unlike purchasing an expensive desk phone.
  • Flexibility: Need to work from home? For the softphone, just log in from your new location. It’s much harder to move the hardwired phone.
  • Implementation: A headset with a microphone and the internet is all you need to start using a softphone. It’s much faster than configuring hardware.

The benefits of the custom CTM softphone

Softphones have some key advantages over desk phones, and CallTrackingMetrics has designed its softphone to take those advantages even further. We’re able to bring together marketing attribution, intelligent call routing, and an array of other contact center-friendly features to take the hassle out of phone systems and focus on conversations. Plus our developers are regularly updating, innovating, and enhancing the CTM softphone and its features. There’s never any outdated hardware to re-purchase. It’s always up to date and ready to power your communications.

No added cost to use

Inbound and outbound softphone available on all CTM plans, including usage discounts for softphone use.

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Real-time call scoring

Take notes, manage contact information, and more with built-in softphone capabilities.

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Salesforce softphone integration

Embed the softphone directly in Salesforce to manage the entire contact experience in one place.

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There’s so much more to the CTM softphone.

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