Common questions about CallTrackingMetrics to help make your choice to sign up an easy one.

Pricing and Cost FAQs

How much does call tracking cost?

We offer three tiers of subscription pricing: $39, $119, and $329. The subscription fee is the base rate to gain access to the software and the features available on each plan. The total cost to customers includes “usage” based on minutes of conversations and numbers purchased. Because of the variable cost, we offer an example cost calculator to estimate how much you might spend each month. Here is what a few scenarios might look like using local numbers:

How many numbers and minutes are included with each plan?

Unlike some other call tracking solutions, our plans do not come with any included numbers or minutes. We give our customers the freedom to purchase only the numbers they need, and generally at a cheaper per number rate than competitors.

How much does it cost to record calls?

Call recording is a core function of our software, and is included in the subscription fee. There’s no additional cost to record your calls. There are fees associated with advanced recording options such added encryption that start at $0.003 per minute on our Connect plan.

Are there any discounts or promotions available?

We offer both new and existing customers a variety of ways to save. The first month’s subscription fee is always waived to get customers up and running without upfront costs. We also offer price breaks for annual commitments and prepaid accounts. You can view current promotions online.

Billing FAQs

How will I be billed?

A credit card will be used to fund an available balance. The available balance will be used to fund ongoing usage fees, number purchases, and any premium features. When your balance falls below an amount you set, we will charge your credit card to refill your available balance to ensure no disruptions to your service. For example, every time your account falls below $10 it will automatically recharge up to $50.

How does billing work for marketing agencies?

Agency accounts will be charged using the method described above. For the agency’s clients (sub-accounts), we provide the options to bill each sub-account directly, or through the agency account. There are also customizable options for price markups and payment management through our Stripe integration.

Is a credit card the only option for payment?

While the majority of our customers use a credit card to fund their account, we do offer invoicing and bank transfers for accounts that meet certain criteria. Our Sales and Finance teams can provide guidance on account eligibility and terms.

Will we be under any contract?

No, unless you want to be! While some competitors require annual contracts, we believe the flexibility offered by month-to-month engagements is more beneficial to our customers. We do offer annual commitments for a discount, but it is not a requirement. We understand that needs fluctuate throughout the year and want to provide options to use CallTrackingMetrics as much, or as little, as makes the most impact to your business.

Account Management FAQs

How do I sign up for CallTrackingMetrics?

Signing up for a CallTrackingMetrics plan can be done all online. Select a plan and then complete a short, 7-step, checkout process. You’ll be asked to provide, and verify, your email address, provide a credit card for initial payment, and enter some basic account details.

Is it possible to preview the software before signing up?

We make it really easy to sign up and get started, including waiving the first month’s subscription fee on all plans. If you have a complex use case or just need to see the platform before committing, we offer live demos with our Sales team. Simply request some time with our team and they’ll walk through all the relevant features, tailored to the questions you have, in a 30-minute demo.

What if I want to stop the service?

We’re going to work as hard as we can to make sure you never want to cancel. But, you may cancel at any time directly from the CallTrackingMetrics app. There’s no additional fee if you need to port numbers away to a new provider.

Can I change plans?

Absolutely. We want to make sure our customers are on the right plan for their situation. You can change plans at any time within the software. Upgrade for new features or integrations, or to save money on lower usage cost. Or downgrade when you’re in between ad campaigns to save on subscription fees.

Integrations and Development Support FAQs

Will CallTrackingMetrics integrate with my current tools?

With 40+ integration partners, an open API, and developer-led office hours, we’re able to plug into most martech stacks to help your team work where they’re comfortable. Key integrations include Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Drift, and Facebook Ads and Messenger.

Do you integrate with Salesforce?

CallTrackingMetrics does integrate with Salesforce. It’s one of our most popular integrations and not only syncs valuable data between platforms, but allows Sales teams to use our softphone embedded directly in the Salesforce UI. This allows a seamless experience for Sales teams, with no wasted time switching tools between calls.

Do you have an API?

We do have an API, with documentation and live support available for development teams looking to create tailored solutions. Through webhooks, lambda functions, and more, we give developer-friendly teams the resources to build on top of our already robust platform.

Tracking Number FAQs

What is a tracking number?

Tracking numbers are phone numbers that businesses can use to gather crucial data and build efficient communications around. They can be used in traditional advertising campaigns or in coordination with dynamic number insertion to provide detailed attribution.

How many tracking numbers will I need?

You’ll want at least one number per static source you’d like to track and report on, i.e., a number each for a radio campaign, Google My Business listing, and newspaper ad. For dynamic online attribution (calls from your website), we recommend 1 phone number per 20 visitors a day. If your Google Ads campaign drives 1,000 visitors to your site every day, you would want 50 tracking numbers for that source.

How much do tracking numbers cost?

Pricing depends on the selected plan and the country the number is for. In the United States, pricing starts at $1.25/month for local numbers and $2/month for toll-free numbers. A full breakdown of tracking number pricing, including variations based on country, can be found on our plans comparison page.

Can I buy a vanity number?

You can! We have a Numbers Management team who can help check availability and acquire vanity numbers. Pricing will vary based on number. We recommend talking with our Sales Team to facilitate the process prior to signing up, or you can request numbers through the app after logging in.

Can I keep the number I have?

If you have a number you like, you can absolutely keep it, and start using it with things like call recording, conversation analytics, and all of our other great features. Bringing an existing number you own to CallTrackingMetrics is called porting. The process takes around 2-4 weeks to complete (US numbers), is free, and there’s no disruption to your service during the transfer.

Key Features and Functionality FAQs

Does CallTrackingMetrics have a smart dialer? How much does the smart dialer cost?

Our Connect plan offers smart dialers that can be configured as an outbound dialer. There is no additional cost to use the smart dialer feature on the Connect plan (usage rates still apply).

How does call forwarding work?

Our tracking numbers can be configured to forward calls to cell phones, desk phones, or to customized queues within the CTM application. Your customers and prospects will dial the tracking number they see on your website or advertising, and it will be routed to the most relevant person or team based on the settings you select.

How does call recording work?

Listen back to calls for customer insights or for agent coaching with call recordings, included in the monthly subscription cost. By default, all inbound calls are recorded through CallTrackingMetrics. Admins can control which tracking numbers have recordings enabled, and can also enable recording for outbound calls. You can access call recordings through the CTM call log as well as through downloading or sharing encrypted links.

Support FAQs

What support is offered for new customers?

All plans have free access to our industry leading support team through the phone, live chat, and online ticketing portal. Plus a robust library of materials in our online knowledge base, including live and recorded training. And to ensure all our customers are set up for success, we offer free standard onboarding for all new customers. For additional support options, including dedicated 24/7 coverage, we offer premium engagements and customized onboarding for a fee.

System Requirements and MISC FAQs

What’s required to use CallTrackingMetrics?

You’ll be able to start using our platform after signing up for a plan and configuring your first tracking number. As with any web-based software, you’ll want a strong internet connection and a modern browser like Google Chrome to get the best performance. If using our softphone to make calls, you’ll also want a headset and microphone.

Will CallTrackingMetrics work with my existing phones?

You won’t need to spend money on new expensive desk phones or other equipment. Your team can use cell phones, desk phones, or our cloud-based softphone to run your business the way you prefer through CallTrackingMetrics.

Can you record calls for my main business line?

We can only record calls that come in through a tracking number. If someone calls directly into your main business line, there won’t be a recording.

Do you provide service in my country?

We can provide service and tracking numbers for over 80 countries. Prices vary from country to country for both numbers and usage.

Toll Free?
(Cost includes estimated usage and monthly plan subscription fee)