Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is best for me?

We know your call tracking and contact center needs are unique, so we have designed 3 different plans to help accommodate every need.

  • The Business Plan is designed for small businesses needing to track the performance of online & offline advertising. With this plan, you will gain keyword-level attribution data and be able to integrate CTM with your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts for complete visibility into campaign performance.
  • The Marketing Plan is designed for agencies and marketing professionals that have multiple clients and need a sub-account structure to keep reporting organized between clients. It also includes sophisticated reporting, white label options, and integrations with top marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo and Zoho CRM.
  • Our Contact Center Plan is a complete call management solution, providing customizable routing options, live agent dashboards, auto dialer technology, call scoring, agent call scripts and more. Integrations with platforms such as Salesforce and Shopify are also included with this plan.

Can I change plans after I sign up?

Absolutely, at any point in time you can upgrade or downgrade to a different plan. If you change plans in the middle of a billing cycle you will be prorated to reflect the time you still had left in your original plan.

How do you bill me?

When you create your account, you will enter your credit card. Your credit card will be used to fund your CTM available balance and to pay the first month of your software fee. The available balance is like a bank and it funds your numbers, minutes, monthly software fee and any other premium services you choose to turn on. When your balance falls below a specific amount, we will automatically recharge it to a chosen amount using your credit card. For example you can set your recharge amount to $50, and every time your account falls below $10 it will automatically recharge up to $50.

Where can I forward my calls to?

You can forward your tracking numbers to one or multiple receiving numbers in a variety of patterns in 50 countries around the world. You can forward to your office line, desk phone, cell phone, or a computer using our browser based softphone. You can have them all ring at the same time or set-up sequential ringing so it will ring one and then the other. We offer many other ringing patterns as well such as geographic routing, IVR routing, call queues etc.

What if I want to stop the service?

It’s easy! You can cancel the service at any time and you can release your numbers at any time.

How do the discount packages of minutes work?

If you have a high call volume you can opt into purchasing our discount minutes packages once you create your account. Its a great way to save 5-30% on your minutes charges. The packages range between 10k and 500k minutes per month. Once you start the package, the minutes are credited to your account each month. Once all the minutes are used up in a given month, you can purchase another package or be charged the normal per minute rate for your plan.

How many tracking numbers do I need?

If you are looking to track online advertising, for the most accurate results, we recommend 1 tracking number per 20 website visitors a day- meaning if your landing pages has 100 visitors a day we would recommend 5 tracking numbers. For tracking offline advertising sources you would only need 1 number per advertising channel, for example 1 number for radio and one number for TV. Many contact centers also purchase tracking numbers for each agent to be used as their outbound dialing number and direct call back number.

What if I already have numbers I want to keep?

No problem, this is a process called porting. We will gladly port over your already existing number into our system for no additional cost. (USA and Canada only) You will start that process on the port numbers page in your account and it typically takes 4 weeks for the numbers to port over to us. There should not be any downtime as the numbers port.

What differentiates your service from other call tracking providers?

Good question!

  • Call Tracking and Phone System- We are the only leading call tracking provider who also provides a complete phone system. Not only can your business use this service to track the performance of your advertising channels, it can become the only phone system your office uses. Our browser based softphone is a simple solution that scales as your organization gets more complex.
  • Innovation- We are constantly adding new features to the product and improving it. We gather feedback and ideas from customers every day and our engineering team thrives on keeping our software ahead of the pack. You wont find another call tracking provider that innovates at the pace we do.
  • Feature stack- We hear again and again from customers who move to our service from a different call tracking provider that they are amazed by the breadth and depth of features that we have available. There are so many different ways to manage your calls and reporting in our system. To help customers determine the best ways to use our software, we have an onboarding team and an entire University series designed to orient customers to all the ways to use the service.