CallTrackingMetrics Contact and Call Center Software

From simple to complex, we have you covered. The only solution out there offering marketing call tracking and contact center software in one place, CTM has all of the routing, reporting, and management tools you need to optimize your contact center and your marketing campaigns.

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Real-Time Agent and Team-Wide Reporting

Review agent by agent or high-level reporting on metrics

  • Call volume
  • Agent availability
  • Missed calls
  • Hold times
  • Transfers
  • Sales and conversions
  • Call ratings
  • Calls by advertising channel

Intelligent Routing

  • Route calls to agents on landline, mobile phone, softphone or SIP endpoint.
  • Recording is included in all of the plans and custom whispers can be created to play to the caller or to the agent.
  • Use custom hold music, transfer, and conference features to enhance your queues.
Set up the exact routing pattern that makes sense for your business in minutes.
  • Round Robin
  • Simultaneous
  • Sequential
  • Scheduled
  • Geographic
  • IVR
  • Call Queues
  • Same Agent
  • Agent Skill
  • Agent Caps

Simple Feature & Usage-Based Pricing

  • Sick of expensive agent based pricing with contracts?
  • Pay for just the usage you use and pick the plan you want for the features you need.
  • We offer 4 convenient plans to choose from that are perfect for small or large organizations. Numbers start at just $1.50 per month and minutes start at $.036.
  • Pricing & Plans
Or, pre-buy packages of minutes at significantly discounted rates so you have consistency in your cost every month.
Quantity of Minutes per Month Savings per Month from À La Carte
10,000 5%
25,000 10%
50,000 14%
75,000 17%
150,000 20%
250,000 23%
500,000 25%

Agents are Prepared for Productive Calls

Using CallTrackingMetrics’ real-time call log, agents will know who the caller is, their history, and which advertisement they saw as soon as they answer the phone.

Agents will be prepared for productive conversations with access to recordings of previous calls, agent notes, and analytics tags.

Use features like premium Caller ID to identify more detail like email address, physical address, social media pages, and gender of each caller to further customize conversation and follow up.

Softphone, Landline, Mobile Phones, or SIP

Want to route calls directly to agents on their browser? No problem. Our call queues can route calls to a landline, mobile phone, or to the softphone.

Softphones have the unique advantage of allowing agents to take calls from anywhere they have a computer and an internet connection. It dramatically reduces the complexity and cost of your call center by eliminating the need for hardware.

Agents can easily view the history of the caller and enter notes, tags, and sales information while on the phone.

Plus, managers can easily listen in to calls as they happen, and of course, recordings of these calls are easily accessible from the software.

Let Voice Analytics Do the Reporting for You

Use high quality transcriptions to quickly scan calls and identify points of interest and patterns.

Set up keyword pattern rules and our software watches for calls that meet your criteria using speech to text analysis.

Call sounding like it's going south? Management gets an immediate alert.

Looking to categorize calls based on products mentioned? Set up auto-tagging rules and report filtering is done automatically for you. The possibilites are endless and save management a ton of time in escalation, interpretation, and reporting.

Call recordings are always available and can be used by management or agents to review calls and see caller history.

Connect with Form Leads Within Seconds

Our FormReactor click-to-call forms are an easy way to wow your customers and leads with fast and efficient follow-through.

Our forms are simple to set up, customizable, and can be associated with a number of call routing patterns to ensure that the lead is immediately connected to an agent.

Form completions are tied back to the original advertising channel that led to the lead so you can optimize marketing campaigns around form completions, just like your calls.

  • Embed Form on Your Website
  • Set Routing Preferences for Calls
  • Website Visitor Completes Form
  • Your Queue Gets the Call
  • Agent Connected to Lead
  • Call Associated to Exact Ad

Agent Virtual Voicemail Boxes

Eliminate the need to have each agent or employee check voicemail on their actual device.

Use voice menus to create virtual voicemail boxes where callers can use keypress options to leave messages for the team or for specific people.

Messages show up right in the call log alongside other calls.

Messages are recorded and stored indefinitely, and you can even transcribe them and have them emailed to you each time a new one is received.

Integrate Texts Into Your Marketing Communications

Tracking Numbers

Use your tracking numbers to receive and send text messages to customers and prospects from within the software.


Set up automatic triggers to alert you via email or SMS when you receive a text.

Auto Response

Use auto-responses to immediately respond to text messages that can be customized based on the content of the text.


View detailed logs of your text message conversations and export them to use for reporting and outreach.