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Call Forwarding Anywhere, Anytime

CallTrackingMetrics Softphone

Create Customized Forwarding Patterns

A critical part of managing your calls is getting them to the right place, quickly, and seamlessly. Call forwarding provided by CallTrackingMetrics allows you to send calls to one number or to many agents in 80 countries.

Route calls to your agents on landlines, mobile phones, or to our browser-based softphone. Set up completely customized forwarding patterns to your agents based on schedule, availability, caller demographics, or advertising campaigns. Keep it simple or make it as advanced as you need.

Ensure complete coverage no matter where your agents are and reduce the complexity and cost of your contact center hardware.

Call Queues

Call queues provide an effective way to forward your calls in simple or sophisticated patterns to ensure that all calls are getting into the correct hands quickly. Call queues are groups of agents with rules that determine how calls should be routed between the agents. Each agent can have their own availability schedule, weighting, and preferences, and they can switch between answering calls on their landline, mobile, or softphone, depending on where they are.

Agent reporting shows performance by agent so that you can stay on top of call volume, quality, and performance.

Smart Routing

Smart Routing takes call management to the next level by enabling businesses to direct calls based on caller profiles.

Conditionally route by:

  • The actions the caller has taken on a website
  • Whether they’ve called previously
  • Who on your team they talked to before
  • Caller demographics like age, email address, marital status, income, social media pages, and more

Considering the 20% abandonment rate of incoming calls, it's important to get calls answered quickly by the right person, without menus or hold times.

Get Calls Into The Right Hands Quickly

From simple to complex, build and maintain sophisticated call routing patterns so that callers are routed to the best person to help them.

Round Robin





Same Agent

Agent Skill

Agent Caps

Conversation Analytics

Call recordings allow managers to review performance and agents to revisit past conversions to verify important information like phone number, email address, order numbers, and appointment dates.
With live listen, you can listen to live calls without interrupting the conversation or alerting either party. This is a great tool for training and quality assurance.
Call whispers are customizable announcements for either the caller or the receiving party. The receiving party whispers are only heard by agents answering the call, while the caller will only hear ringing until the call is connected.
Call transcriptions transform the audio of your calls into speaker-organized scripts, allowing you to search your call log for specific words in a conversation. Transcriptions are available for both inbound and outbound calls and are only compatible when call recording is activated.
Instant Reports

Virtual Voicemail Boxes

  • Eliminate the need to have each agent or employee check voicemail on their actual device.
  • Create virtual voicemail boxes where callers can use keypress options to leave messages for the team or for specific people.
  • Messages show up right in the call log alongside other calls.
  • Messages are recorded and stored indefinitely, and you can even transcribe them and have them emailed to you each time a new one is received.


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