Click-to-Call Ads

Get the most out of your call-only and click-to-call ads

Click-to-call ads are increasingly playing a vital role in online advertising campaigns. Research shows that 70% of mobile searchers use click-to-call ads, and these calls are valuable: 61% of mobile searchers state that click-to-call is most important to them in the purchase phase of the shopping process.

CallTrackingMetrics provides you with in-depth data about how each of your click-to-call ads are performing. You start by allocating tracking numbers to appear in your ads. Choose from local or toll-free numbers in more than 80 different countries. Each number includes features like call recording, caller ID, whispers, caller history, and complex call forwarding that can suit even the largest multinational organizations.

Google Ads Integration

Thanks to our integration with Google AdWords, each phone call generated by your call extension or click-to-call ads will be mapped back to the keyword, ad group, and campaign that led to the call. There's no need for hundreds of numbers or a number for every keyword. This information allows you to immediately start to optimize your click-to-call and call extension ads around those are performing best, helping you get the most out of your budget. CallTrackingMetrics call tracking for click-to-call ads will track both your mobile and desktop leads.