Tracking Call-Only and Click-to-Call Ads

Detailed attribution for paid search calls, whether the user visits your website or not.

How are click-to-call ads tracked in Google Ads?

Google uses forwarding numbers to collect basic data about phone calls generated by its paid search click-to-call and call-only ads. Using CallTrackingMetrics in conjunction with Google forwarding takes click-to-call ad tracking to a whole new level. Not only can you use CallTrackingMetrics to see the campaign, ad group, and keyword that generated a call, but you can also:

  • View call data from all of your advertising sources in one place
  • Use call scoring to add quality identifiers to every call
  • Pass only quality calls back to Google Ads as conversions for optimization
  • Record and transcribe calls and route the calls based on custom triggers

How to use tracking numbers with ad extensions and call only ads

Tracking ad extensions and call only ads should be treated similarly to a billboard or direct mail campaign. Instead of using our dynamic number insertion (DNI) to automatically generate a phone number, you would designate a tracking number for ad extensions and another number for call-only campaign tracking. Google will want to verify your phone numbers, which can be done easily by connecting Search Console to Google Ads.

Click to call ad tracking with our Google Ads Direct Connect integration

Thanks to our direct integration with Google Ads, each phone call generated by your call extension or click-to-call ads will be mapped back to its campaign date. There's no need for hundreds of numbers or a number for every keyword. This information allows you to immediately start to optimize your click-to-call and call only ads around those which perform best, helping you get the most out of your budget. With CallTrackingMetrics tracking numbers, you’ll be able to track and attribute calls from mobile and desktop searches.

Five reasons to love our direct Google Ads integration

See CallTrackingMetrics attribution for click-to-call ads in action