Conversion Tracking

Track which advertisements and which agents are leading to sales conversions.

Track conversions and sales amounts for each call

Agents use our simple browser-based call log interface to enter conversion information for each of their calls. Or they can enter the infomation over the phone using a post call survey as soon as the call has ended. They use keypresses to indicate if a call converted and enter in the revenue amount. Our integrations with CRM systems such as Salesforce allow the information to be entered directly into those systems as well.

Management sees real time conversion data (including quantity of conversions, the revenue amount, and the conversion rate) for each advertising channel and each agent.

Use scoring and tagging to classify calls for easy reporting

Agents use the call log interface to score calls using a star system so that management can easily track the quality of the call leads by channel. Tagging is used to classify calls into different lead categories such as product line, location, stage in the buying process etc. All of CallTrackingMetrcs reports are easily filtered by the tags you choose to use. Our Speech Analytics tools will even automatically score and tag the calls for you.

Speech Analytics — Let our system uncover patterns for you

Our speech analytics engine will analyze your call transcriptions to identify the presence of particular keywords and patterns. As those patterns are identified, you can have the system score and tag the calls in certain ways so that you can organize your reporting by those ratings. You can also choose to send email alerts or text alerts when certain patterns are identified in the calls. This analysis saves management a ton of time and provide for organized reporting thats easily filtered by product line, call quality, tone of call, and conversions.

Sync conversion information between CallTrackingMetrics and Salesforce

Your agents are used to their workflows in Salesforce, so why ask them to switch between different systems? Our integration sends each call into Salesforce in real time along with all of the caller and advertising information. As the agents convert calls in Salesforce, that information gets sent back into CallTrackingMetrics so that all of your advertising channel and agent reporting is up to date with the latest revenue information for each call. Plus — using our new Open CTI Phone, your agents can use our softphone right inside of Salesforce for all of their inbound and outbound phone calls.

Send calls and conversions into Google Analytics and AdWords

We know that it is critical to see conversions in the context of your PPC and call extension ads. Using our integration with Google Analytics and AdWords, each time a call comes in, it is sent to Analytics and AdWords associated to the correct ad click, campaign, adgroup and keyword. As your agents convert calls as sales in CallTrackingMetrics, those sales amounts can also be sent back into Google as conversions along with the amount of the sale. Tracking sales conversions in Google is critical to optimizing around not just calls — but high quality calls and actual sales figures.

View the complete picture with ROI Reporting

Our ROI reporting brings all of your performance metrics into one place and shows you a true picture of how each of your advertising channels and agents are performing. We track call volume, conversion rates, and sales amounts and calculate an ROI score for each of your channels so that you can optimize your advertising spending.