Dynamic Number Insertion

Display tracking numbers based on ad channel and location. Dynamically swap advertising tracking numbers on your website based on how the visitor found you

Exceptional DNI for tracking the source of your phone calls

With CallTrackingMetrics’ dynamic number insertion technology, the phone number on your website will change to a unique tracking number based on how the visitor came to your site, providing you with valuable insight on how your various advertising channels are generating calls. These data points empower your team to make actionable and scalable decisions around where to invest or pull back your marketing budget.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) refers to technology used in call tracking to assign attribution to inbound phone calls. With DNI, a specific phone number dynamically displays on a web page depending on the source or geographic location of the visit to that page. For example, your visitors will see a different number depending on whether they came to your site via a Google or Facebook ad, or other offline sources. This allows for phone calls from that specific visit to be attributed back to the proper source so you can evaluate traffic and volume coming from different advertising campaigns.

How It Works

Know exactly which ads are driving calls, texts, and form submissions

Step 1

One line of CallTrackingMetrics' tracking code on all the pages of your site does all of the work. No custom URLs or tags needed.

Step 2

Tracking code will instantly recognize the channel and geographic location visitors are coming from and show them the correct phone number.

Step 3

Incoming calls are matched to an exact website visitor. You will instantly know the referring URL, search keywords, landing pages, and ads the caller came through.

Step 4

The tracking code remembers the original advertising channel for each visitor, continuing to show them the same tracking number each time they visit your site.

What’s the benefit of using DNI?

As soon as your phone rings, you will instantly know the tracking number the user called, what channel led them to your website, and even details like the search keyword they used to find you, the ad they clicked on, and the landing page they came in on. This information allows you to optimize your digital advertising towards those channels that are sending the highest converting traffic to your website.

Another benefit of the dynamic number insertion technology is that we remember the way a visitor originally found your website. Each time they return they will see the same tracking number, and if they call (even weeks later) they will continue to be tied to the online advertising channel that originally led them to you.

Why you can trust CallTrackingMetrics DNI

Our dynamic number insertion technology is unique in the industry because it’s globally distributed with thousands of points of presence—meaning it will load instantaneously anywhere in the world. We are also one of the only options available that accurately swaps phone numbers in various formats and languages around the world. Businesses in 80+ countries rely on our code to accurately display their tracking phone numbers on their websites.

Our code can also recognize vanity number formats (1-800-CAR-WASH) and other unusual number patterns and replace them accurately.

Want to see dynamic number insertion in action?