Dynamically replace the phone number on their website based on the visitor's geographic location

Geographic-based phone number insertion

The latest enhancement to CallTrackingMetrics’ dynamic number insertion technology is GeoContact. GeoContact allows a business to dynamically replace the phone number on their website based on the visitor’s geographic location. This provides a whole new dimension to number insertion and allows businesses to improve conversion rates and the customer experience on their website.

What is GeoContact?

GeoContact is a type of dynamic number insertion that allows for the automatic replacement of a phone number on a website based on a specific visitor’s geographic location. The GeoContact technology works by matching a website visitor’s location to a tracking number.

Providing a phone number that visitors are comfortable calling means they will be more likely to call. GeoContact is a fantastic way to increase call conversions around the world, maximizing the return for the business on global advertising campaigns.


How does it work?

GeoContact works by matching a website visitor’s location to a tracking number. For example, a visitor in Italy will see an Italian phone number, whereas a visitor from the UK will see a UK number. In the US and Canada, businesses can also show a tracking number that is closest to the visitor down to the area code level. So, a visitor in New York will see a different number than someone in Maryland.

GeoContact is integrated into the existing CallTrackingMetrics dynamic insertion technology and call tracking reporting that is used to pinpoint the advertising channel and the keyword that led a visitor to a website. So, not only will a visitor see a local phone number to them, they will see a local number that is specific to the advertising channel that led them to the site. Once the visitor calls, their call is tied back to the exact website visit and advertisement that led to their visit.

GeoContact is easy to enable in a CallTrackingMetrics account and can be set up in minutes. The feature gives a business the flexibility to either appear more local or more international depending on whether they choose toll-free numbers or local numbers to be inserted.  CallTrackingMetrics offers phone numbers in over 80 different countries, giving businesses around the world the numbers they need to use GeoContact.