Keyword Call Tracking

Know exactly which ads and search keywords are leading to phone calls, conversions, and sales.

CallTrackingMetrics tracks each inbound phone call into your business' tracking numbers back to the website visitor that made the call and the ad click that led them to your website, down to the keyword level. As soon as your phone rings, you will see who is calling, how they got to your website and what interaction you have had with them in the past.

Tracking calls down to the keyword searched allows you to prioritize the campaigns, ads, and keywords that are performing and allocate your marketing dollars accordingly. This strategy is great for tracking online campaigns like Google AdWords and Bing paid ads. It is also crucial for monitoring the performance of your SEO efforts so that you know which keywords are leading to quality visits to your website.

CallTrackingMetrics has a direct integration with Google Analytics and AdWords, meaning the calls generated from your Adwords campaigns will count as conversions in AdWords down to the keyword level.

Your calls will also appear as events in Google Analytics associated to the exact website visitor that made the call. This level of detail in reporting empowers you to improve your overall conversion rate by exposing valuable data around which keywords and campaigns are generating phone calls.