Keyword Level Tracking and Conversion Attribution

Drill down to track the keywords driving leads, conversions, and sales.

Go beyond which search keywords are driving traffic and see the keywords driving sales

In both organic and paid search, the foundation of success lies at the keyword level. On platforms like Bing and Google Ads, choosing which keywords to target can have a big impact on budgets and results, positive or negative. Most digital marketers track success with metrics like click-through and conversion rates. But with better visibility into the downstream data, you can start to optimize based off of quality indicators and true conversions.


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In-app reporting and keyword data visualization

CallTrackingMetrics provides savvy marketers with the raw data needed to make impactful decisions, built-in reporting for easy analysis and buy-in, and native integrations with tools like Google Data Studio for more customized visualizations. Get access to insights about where to reduce budget and where to increase your focus.

Detailed keyword level attribution for form submissions

Keyword call tracking is a big piece of the conversion attribution picture. Rarely does a business have only one conversion point, however. That’s why CallTrackingMetrics includes keyword level tracking for one of the most popular lead generation tools for digital marketers, form fills. Track form submissions right alongside your other customer interactions.

Send offline conversion data back to your advertising tools

CallTrackingMetrics is a robust, flexible platform, able to solve a lot of pain points for digital marketers. On top of that, we offer direct integrations with popular marketing tools, CRMs, and advertising platforms to make your day-to-day workflow seamless. Send phone calls to Google Ads as conversions. Append a call recording to a HubSpot contact. Or enable your sales team through an embedded softphone in Salesforce.

See CallTrackingMetrics keyword level attribution in action