Mobile Call Tracking

Uncover which ads, campaigns and channels are generating phone calls and conversions so that you can transform your advertising and sales performance

Optimize mobile advertising performance with mobile call tracking

It’s official, more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers

It’s more critical than ever for you to be able to link phone calls back to mobile searches and mobile website visits so that you can optimize advertisements and deliver best in class response to callers. CallTrackingMetrics provides all the tools you need to tie mobile search and website activity to inbound phone calls and sales conversions.

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Dynamically display tracking numbers on your mobile site

Using CallTrackingMetrics’ dynamic number insertion technology, mobile visitors to your website from any path will see a tracking phone number specific to the channel that led them to your site. The number on your mobile site will dynamically change based on the advertising channel—even phone numbers within click-to-call areas on your site.

When the visitor calls the tracking number, that call is mapped back to the exact website session. This allows your agents to immediately see the ad that led the caller to the site, keywords they used to get there, and the pages they have viewed. Tailor your conversations and optimize your ads to garner the highest-quality calls.

Track calls back to click-to-call ads

Click-to-call ads are increasingly playing a vital role in online-advertising campaigns. Research shows that 70% of mobile searchers use click-to-call ads, and these calls are valuable: 61% of mobile searchers state that click-to-call is most important to them in the purchase phase of the shopping process.

CallTrackingMetrics provides you with in-depth data about how each of your click-to-call ads are performing. You start by allocating tracking numbers to appear in your ads, choosing from local or toll-free numbers in 50 different countries. Each number includes features like call recording, caller ID, whispers, caller history, and complex call forwarding that can suit even the largest multinational organizations.

Tie revenue—not just calls—back to ads

Knowing which ads and mobile website patterns are driving phone calls is vital information. However, best practice is to optimize your ads and website around those calls that convert best. CallTrackingMetrics reports on the calls and the conversions that are coming from each mobile website visit and mobile ad click so you an use this data to optimize your campaigns and maximize revenue.

In addition, sales agents and managers can leverage reporting tools such as call recordings, transcriptions, conversation analytics, and agent performance reports to uncover tactics to increase conversions and identify underperforming areas. By tracking revenue back to ads and agents, businesses uncover a wealth of information about the performance of their ads, their product, and their teams.

Seamlessly integrate with AdWords and Analytics

Thanks to our integration with Google Analytics and AdWords, as each phone call comes into your tracking numbers through your click-to-landing page, or through call extension & click-to-call ads, the call will be mapped back to the keyword, ad group, and campaign that led to the call. No need for hundreds of numbers or a number for every keyword. This information allows you to immediately view your calls in Analytics as events and in AdWords as conversions, allowing you to optimize your ads around those are are performing best, and helping you get the most out of your budget.

In addition, through integrations with platforms such as Marketo, CAKE, HubSpot, and Salesforce, businesses get this vital call attribution detail exactly where they need it so that their marketing and sales teams can optimize campaigns and sales performance.