Optimize Digital Ad Campaigns with Call Tracking

Connect your online marketing efforts with offline conversions for complete visibility into the customer journey.

How can offline conversion tracking help digital marketers optimize their campaigns?

With paid search or paid social campaigns, optimizations often stop at the click or an online event, such as a form submission. What happens to that lead after the initial conversion becomes a blind spot. Incorporating call tracking with platforms like Google Ads or Facebook allows marketers to optimize based on the channels, campaigns, and even keywords that are driving qualified leads and converted sales. This is done through dynamic number insertion (DNI) to match back a phone call to its source and actionable in-app reporting.


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Reporting and analytics included right out of the box

CallTrackingMetrics unlocks the raw attribution data that digital marketers can geek out about. Export, filter, and manipulate the raw data for your own analysis. Or, save some time and use our included reporting dashboards. See which campaign sources are driving the most volume, the highest lead scores, or even the highest return on investment.

Detailed attribution for form submissions

Despite the name, CallTrackingMetrics isn’t just about tracking phone calls. Unify your lead generation and nurture campaigns by tracking form fills right next to your call conversions. Automate lead follow up and rollup analytics into one view for a holistic view of the customer journey.

How to use CallTrackingMetrics with Google Ads

One of the first tracking sources our customers define when onboarding is almost always Google Ads. If you’re spending money marketing online, odds are a good proportion of your budget is spent on paid search ads. That’s why CallTrackingMetrics integrates directly with Google Ads for seamless conversion tracking and complete insights.

CallTrackingMetrics integrations for Digital Marketers

See how online marketing and CallTrackingMetrics work together.