CTM Blog


Improved Google Integrations

by Jessica Michaels

We love customer feedback, and thanks to your requests we’ve added the option to delay when an Event is sent into Analytics for ‘Call Extensions’ and ‘Call-Only’ ads.

Prior to this enhancement, Call Events were sent into Analytics seconds after the call was completed. CTM’s AdWords integration then ran a script inside of AdWords every hour (the smallest time frame offered). And, because ‘Call Extensions’ and ‘Call-Only’ ads contained no website session data, the Call Events would populate into Analytics as “direct traffic.”

Now, Call Events may be sent into Analytics with a 2-hour delay, allowing AdWords time to run the script and report back to CTM with paid campaign data. This way, Events will contain the rich campaign information from AdWords attributed with a Source of “Google”, a Medium of “CPC” and keyword-level search data.

You can turn on ‘delayed events’ under Integrations > AdWords Call Extensions> Delay Google Analytics_Events.