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Snow More Forms! Our Winter Gift to You (& Girls Who Code) 

by CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics is giving you more this winter by unlocking the gates to our valuable marketing and call tracking resources with Snow More Forms for all! And, it’s all for a good cause. 

That’s right, this year during the month of February, CTM will officially take down the ‘gates’ and give everyone full access to all of our most popular guides, eBooks, playbooks, whitepapers, and more. You’ll be able to easily access these resources form-free because all February long it’s Snow More Forms at CTM!

So why are we doing this? Two reasons; one, we want to provide you with the most informative, up-to-date tools and resources to help you maximize your marketing budget and drive revenue. And two, to support a cause close to our hearts, Girls Who Code

In lieu of the standard email request to unlock these resources, we ask you to consider donating a small amount to the cause we’re supporting,  Girls Who Code, and CTM will match all donations.

Green background with white writing saying 'girls who code'.

Girls Who Code is an international nonprofit whose mission is to “close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.” 

With more than 8,500 clubs nationwide, this group has served more than 500,000 students in their 10 years of work. Their goal for the next decade is to reach 1 million more. CTM wants to help them get there which is why we’ve chosen to match any donations to unlock our typically gated resources. 

From our GA4 Guide and Increasing Revenue without Increasing Spend Guide to our Omnichannel Communications Strategy Guide and Keyword Research Playbook, we invite you to check out our top 12 resources below. These resources offer a wealth of information on ways to help you consistently drive revenue, prove ROI, and do more with your marketing budget. 

And, if you’re so inclined, donate a few bucks to Girls Who Code and we’ll match it.

Three CallTrackingMetrics' guides and eBooks which are free during February for Snow More Forms

We’re excited to announce we raised over $1,000 for Girls Who Code!

While the campaign has now ended, we could not be happier to have raised some funds and awareness for Girls Who Code. Just because this one campaign is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still give or run your own campaign! And, we’ve put some of our guides back behind forms, but in the spirit of our campaign, <s>we’re keeping a few open forever</s>. And you can expect others to become unlocked as we continue producing content you’ll love. So go ahead and check out our resources below, some with forms, all with great content.

Build Your Omnichannel Communications Strategy

Today’s audience engages with your business on many different channels. It’s essential to have an effective, comprehensive omnichannel communications strategy so all teams, across all channels, are sending the same message to your customers and prospects. This increases brand awareness, visibility, and builds trust. Learn the best ways to build your omnichannel communications strategy in this guide. 

GA4 for Marketing Reporting Guide

With nearly 43% of marketers reporting that Google Analytics is their go-to for reporting, the switch to GA4 has brought a lot of stress to many. But don’t despair! Our GA4 guide is here to help! In this comprehensive guide, we empathize with the hard things and give you the tools and information to turn roadblocks into opportunities. 

Report: The State of Data-driven Marketing

CallTrackingMetrics connected with marketing professionals across the nation to get an understanding of how they use data in their marketing roles and what their top marketing challenges are today. Learn the top marketing challenges related to data and how to solve them in this report. 

The Modern Keyword Research Playbook

Keywords and being in tune with what your audience is searching for is vital for marketing success today. However, many marketers don’t know how to find the right keywords to consistently drive organic traffic and increase revenue. Discover how to build your keyword research strategy in this playbook that covers the basics to more advanced keyword research tips. 

How Call Tracking Data Can Help Solve Sales-Marketing Misalignment

90% of sales and marketing professionals report being misaligned when it comes to strategy amongst other things. Misalignment leads to missed goals and friction between teams. Learn how call tracking and conversation analytics solve this problem and lead to improved business outcomes. 

Leveraging First-party Data in a Cookieless World

Understanding what your customers and prospects want is crucial to numerous aspects of business success. From fine-tuning your product and services to sending the right message to the right audience at the right time, getting the inside scoop on what your customers are saying and asking is invaluable. Find out how to get the first-party data you need in our eBook. 

Graphic showing Snow More Forms with two eBooks and it links to donation site for Girls Who Code.

The Secret to Scoring for Sales and Marketing Success

Scoring leads and calls can help both sales and marketing teams be more effective and know where to prioritize their time and efforts. When you use scoring, you’ll know which leads to focus on and where they are in the buyer’s journey. 

The Ultimate Guide to Driving Success in your Contact Center

Keeping customers happy and meeting sales goals can put a lot of pressure on call center and sales agents. However, customer service and the customer’s experience during these interactions often determine whether they become and stay a customer or move on to your competitor. Learn tips to build a contact center that operates at optimum efficiency and delivers results–and happy customers. 

Marketing Reporting with Looker Studio

One essential part of any marketer’s job is to prove the value of efforts and ROI to senior leadership or clients. Data and reporting on it are both vital to this equation. But it’s equally important to report on the right data, and present it in an easy-to-digest format so clients and leaders get the full picture and critical facts. Find out how to maximize reporting in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) in our guide. 

The Digital Advertiser’s Guide to Uncovering Hidden Revenue Opportunities without Increasing Spend

Understanding which paid ad campaigns and channels are driving the highest-value leads is important to marketing success and getting the most from your budget. When you know where to focus your efforts, and where to pull back, you’ll be able to do more with less and drive revenue and brand awareness. Find out where you may be missing out on opportunities and which tools can help you maximize your budget and efficiency in our guide. 

Cutting-edge Communications for the Home Services Industry

Today’s home services industry is competitive. In order to compete it’s vital to connect with your prospects and clients fast. Using tools to automate parts of communication while keeping the human touch is an important part of an overall strategy. Discover how to strengthen your local marketing efforts, increase customer satisfaction, and drive revenue in our home services eBook. 

Franchisor’s Guide to Call Tracking 

Franchising is a powerful way to do business. However keeping the complex relationship between franchisee and franchisor aligned can be tricky–without the right tools and strategy. Check out our guide and learn how technology has made it possible for both franchisee and franchisor to synchronize, track, and maximize their resources—easily, affordably, and successfully

We thank you for checking out our resources and hope that you found the information valuable and relevant to your marketing and business challenges. 

Again, if you’d like to join us in donating to Girls Who Code, follow this link! We are grateful for any and all donations to support this amazing cause! Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook where we’ll announce the final donation results for Girls Who Code. 

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