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CallTrackingMetrics and Optimizely Partner to Help Customers Deliver Better Experiences Online

by Laure Fisher

CallTrackingMetrics, the leading provider of advertising call tracking and management services, announced today that it is now an Optimizely certified solutions partner. Optimizely is the world’s leading experience optimization platform. By bringing together these two systems, businesses will be able to measure how every experiment on their website affects their inbound call volume and sales.

The CallTrackingMetrics Optimizely integration tracks which experiments and variations are driving phone calls and sales so that customer’s websites can be optimized around phone calls and revenue in addition to other engagement metrics. As a phone call comes in, CallTrackingMetrics associates a website visitor to the call along with all the Optimizely data for that visitor. CallTrackingMetrics users will see a report (“Calls by Experiment”) populate within Call Reports. There they will be able to see calls and sales broken out by experiment and variant. Additionally, CallTrackingMetrics can send conversion events into Optimizely after each call completes so that the calls can be viewed in the context of other Optimizely data points.

Laure Fisher, the COO of CallTrackingMetrics, describes the blending of these two services: “So many businesses wonder- what if I changed the color of this button? Or the call to action on this page? Would I get more phone calls and even better more sales? By bringing together Optimizely and CallTrackingMetrics, they now have the answers and the ability to change things quickly in response to data gathered.”

“Optimizely is committed to working with great solutions partners so that companies have the maximum flexibility to choose the best marketing technology solutions for their business,” said Travis Bryant, VP of Sales at Optimizely. “We’re excited to have CallTrackingMetrics join the Optimizely partner program so together we can offer customers a seamless solution to creating an optimized online presence.”

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