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CallTrackingMetrics Launches First Call Tracking Integration with AMP

by Erika Rollins


September 21, 2017


CallTrackingMetrics Launches First Call Tracking Integration with AMP

Enabling marketers to use call tracking and attribution capabilities on those pages


SEVERNA PARK, MD- CallTrackingMetrics, a leading provider of call tracking and management software, recently launched the first call tracking integration with AMP, giving marketers the ability to leverage call tracking capabilities on their AMP pages.

AMP, an open-source initiative, enables the creation of websites and ads that load near instantly, giving users a smooth, more engaging experience across all devices.  

Implementing AMP with CallTrackingMetrics means marketers now have call tracking and attribution capabilities across those optimized pages. With a few easy steps, users can now dynamically swap phone numbers on any AMP site pages and match calls to visitors.

Led by Google, the AMP Project also includes contributions from various other big players in the tech community like Twitter, Bing and WordPress. Businesses and advertisers can decide how to present their content and what technology vendors to use, all while maintaining and improving key performance indicators.

More than 1.5 billion AMP pages have been published to date and call tracking with dynamic number insertion was not possible without this integration.”, states Todd Fisher, CEO of CallTrackingMetrics. “We worked closely with the developers at AMP to ensure marketers could leverage this technology, without sacrificing critical tracking efforts”.  

AMP helps to maintain the focus on fast page loads by controlling how advanced site features are implemented. As a result of the CallTrackingMetrics integration, one of those advanced site features is now call tracking.

To learn more about CallTrackingMetrics integration with AMP, visit or call 800-577-1872.


About CallTrackingMetrics:

CallTrackingMetrics’s award-winning call tracking and automation software provides thousands of businesses around the world the tools they need to track, manage, and optimize their phone calls so they can increase conversions. From understanding what advertising campaigns are generating phone calls to managing calls for their contact center, CallTrackingMetrics allows businesses to transform phone communication into powerful intelligence for their organization.

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