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CallTrackingMetrics Named in Forrester’s Overview of AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions

by CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics Named in Forrester’s Overview of AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions

Landscape overview of 21 providers features CallTrackingMetrics as a growing tech company in the AI-fueled speech analytics field

Forrester, one of the world’s most respected research and advisory firms, recently released their comprehensive report on AI-fueled speech analytics vendors, titled, “New Tech: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018: Forrester’s Landscape Overview of 21 Providers”. The report revealed that while several factors determine a vendor’s maturity in the space, in general, the adoption of speech analytics improves sales, service and marketing performance.

CallTrackingMetrics has grown significantly in their share of the AI-fueled speech analytics market, nearly doubling their customers year over year since 2012. Speech analytics tools like keyword spotting and smart transcription empowers their users to analyze calls to their business without wasting precious manpower. The CallTrackingMetrics system can send automatic reports that examine, for example, the words used during calls, the talk time of agents vs customers, and how many keypresses were required to reach an agent. Through automated call scoring and conversion logs, users can also easily determine the ROI of their various marketing channels.

According to the report, voice remains a critical customer engagement channel, and tools that can understand those conversations will only grow in importance. AI-fueled speech analytics can empower anyone to grow their revenue, determine marketing campaign effectiveness, and understand the sentiment of their customers. CallTrackingMetrics, a powerful solution for both marketing automation and phone management, is proud to offer this technology to not only contact centers, but to marketing agencies and small businesses owners as well.

The Forrester report can be accessed directly on their website. Download the report to learn more about the AI-fueled speech analytics market.