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Skill Based Routing, STIR/SHAKEN, and Divisions | CallTrackingMetrics Release Notes June 2021

by Frances Miller

CallTrackingMetrics regularly updates features and functionality of its marketing attribution and contact center software. These changes are often driven by customer feedback and help our customers continue to scale with the platform. This month we’re detailing new agent routing and team management options, what you need to know about STIR/SHAKEN compliance, and UI enhancements.

Watch: June 2021 Release Video

In this month’s video, CTM Account Executive Jonathan Morgia takes us through the most notable CallTrackingMetrics new releases. Plus, Jason Smith joins to talk through the latest updates on STIR/SHAKEN.

New Navigation Menu Launching in July

CTM now has a new left navigation method, allowing you to easily navigate within the CTM application. We have enhanced the menu structure to streamline the customer experience as we continue to add new features. Our team recommends migrating to this new method for ease of use. The classic navigation will be removed in the near future.

Business Registration Portal for STIR/SHAKEN

Our team has been working hard to prepare for the new industry-standard caller authentication technology known as STIR/SHAKEN. This regulatory change is being made as part of a global effort to combat fraudulent spam calls. STIR/SHAKEN will be put in place to provide underlying carriers with information to verify that your calls are not spam.

Business Registration is now open for you to register your business entities for STIR/SHAKEN through the new Trust Center in your CallTrackingMetrics account. To ensure deliverability of your calls, we recommend you complete business registration by June 30th.

You can access the Trust Center by going to the “Numbers” tab in your navigation, and selecting “Trust Center” in the Management section.

Divisions: New User Management Feature

Based on customer demand, we’ve added a new user management ability called Divisions. Larger organizations that have different divisions or sub organizations can benefit from using this feature to help streamline the process of creating new users across multiple accounts. With Divisions enabled, you can now create Division Administrators, allowing them to create accounts and assign users without having to be an Agency Administrator over all accounts.

As Jon describes, one use case for this may be for a digital marketing agency to allow managers to access only the subset of client accounts that they are assigned to manage.

Coming Soon: Skill-Based Routing

Coming soon to our Contact Center plan, skill-based routing is a new way to route activities to multiple agents in queues. For example, skills can be assigned to agents based on language, region, or area of expertise. This skill-based routing strategy can help increase first-call resolution, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline agent training.

Update: Skill Based Routing is now available on the Connect plan