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Are Your Social Media Campaigns Generating Sales?

by Laure Fisher

We have received a lot of feedback from client’s and companies interested in running social media campaigns, but wanting to know if these campaigns will improve sales for their business.

In November, we started tracking social media calls for a client by using CallTrackingMetrics. CallTrackingMetrics allows us to see if a customer calling our client’s business came from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., as well as the customers name, phone number, location, time of call and a recording of the call.

Sample facebook ads report from 2011 with phone call conversions

We have found that call tracking is a great way for any company receiving a high volume of calls to track if their social media campaigns are resulting in calls to their business.  Based on this information we have been able to make recommendations as to how effective social media is for generating sales.

How to use CallTrackingMetrics on Social Media Sites

Call Tracking Metrics allows you to create a unique tracking phone number that will forward to your business number.  This unique tracking number should be manually entered into your contact information on your social media sites (i.e. Facebook).  Once the product is installed on your website you will also be able to track customers who clicked on your website link from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and called your business. When a customer visits your website from a social media site your phone number will dynamically change based on the social media sites referring URL.