Empowering Remote Employees

by Kim Jaso

The global pandemic forced many businesses to adapt a work-from-home model for their employees for perhaps the first time, yet some companies have been operating remotely intentionally for years and finding great success with this approach.

Which begs the question: Is remote work the way of the future? Further, how can businesses overcome the challenges of keeping employees engaged and connected, even while remote?

To explore these questions, we sat down with Jason Hennessey, an internationally-recognized SEO expert who founded Hennessey Digital in 2015, a remote-first agency specializing in digital marketing and SEO that has since grown into a business valued at over $10 million with over 120 global employees. He’ll share what inspired him to build a remote workforce from the start as well as his strategy for fostering strong internal communication, even without face-to-face interaction.

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