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How does Zoho CRM work with call tracking?

by CallTrackingMetrics

Our development team is incredibly fortunate to have Jeremy Curcio on board. He’s a lifelong engineer who has been building enhancements to our platform at a lightning pace; most recently, he took the lead on our integration with Zoho CRM.

We absolutely consider Jeremy to be our in-house expert on Zoho CRM, but it’s not just because he built it, Jeremy was actually already using Zoho CRM outside of the office. You see, when he’s not building CallTrackingMetrics, Jeremy builds candy bars for weddings and events! Zoho CRM helps him manage his contacts, and now that he’s combined it with call tracking, he’s seen a huge boost in productivity.

First things first, can you remind us exactly how this integration works?

Sure! This integration allows two way communication between CallTrackingMetrics and Zoho CRM, so that as calls come in, you can quickly see your Zoho CRM records. You can also push information to Zoho CRM, which would automatically update existing records, or create a new Zoho CRM record if a matching one doesn’t exist.

My favorite part of the integration is the Zoho CRM panel built right into the call log. This allows you to view information from both platforms without having to switch between browser tabs. It really saves me a lot of time, and I appreciate the simplicity.

Why did you personally choose Zoho CRM?

To be honest, I was initially attracted to Zoho CRM because of it’s affordability. For a really powerful CRM, it’s surprisingly low cost, even free, depending on what you need from it. I’m building and managing these candy bars independently, so keeping costs low is crucial, and Zoho CRM helps me to do that while also providing some room to grow later on. As an engineer, I really appreciate the design of their interface; it’s super easy to work with, and manages to present all the most important information right up front. Not having to search for features and functions really improves my workflow.

In general, if you’re trying to manage a business—even a business comprising only of yourself—you need a CRM. At the most recent wedding expo I attended, I spoke with about 400 people. I managed to bring home the contact information for about 100 of them. Once I’m ready to reach out, the information stored in Zoho CRM will be crucial for managing that conversation. I mean, I have a pretty good memory, but there’s no way I’d be able to put a face to a name without having Zoho CRM behind it. It allows me to keep the memory of our last interaction fresh, which is instrumental in building our relationship during future calls.

How does the combination of CTM and Zoho CRM work for you?

Well, speaking of keeping our last interaction fresh…CallTrackingMetrics automatically tags my calls with custom keywords based on the words spoken in our conversation, and it can use the Stripe integration to log and track sale amounts. All of our previous interactions, and the notes I took, are right there in the call log, so I have access to an incredible amount of data in addition to what’s in the Zoho CRM panel.

It’s great to have the Zoho CRM panel available right in the call log. This enables me to quickly view and update lead status while I’m actively on the call, as opposed to having to remember whatever we discussed, and then switching over to another window to try to make updates to the contact record in Zoho CRM.

Thanks to the triggers I set up, whenever a new caller dials my dynamic tracking number, a Zoho CRM record is automatically created for me based on the caller ID information. This way, every single call and text has an associated lead record inside Zoho CRM, without me having to enter them all in manually.

So, the combination of CallTrackingMetrics and Zoho CRM really saves me a lot of time, and it helps me improve my relationships with business contacts. I primarily build candy bars for weddings, so I set up a custom field within the Zoho CRM panel called “Wedding Date”. During calls, I can speak to that contact confidently about her specific date and timeline.