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Collaboration and Teamwork Wins the 2023 Holiday Decorating Contest

by Frances Miller

Collaboration and teamwork are always the name of the game here at CallTrackingMetrics. While wrapping up objectives and tying a bow on performance reviews, CTM loves to have a little fun around the holidays! Take a look at the creativity, innovation, and collaboration that took place during the 2023 Department Decorating Contest.

Technical Support – “Winter Wonderland”

Technical Support took home the big win in the 2023 Holiday Decorating Contest with their theme, Winter Wonderland.

How did the team get it done with limited free time between support tickets and calls? Teamwork.

Two photos include a letterboard sign that says "Welcome to Winter Wonderland!" and a hot cocoa bar

Sheri Frederick, Technical Support Supervisor, said, “I wanted everyone involved and to have fun while doing it. But the big question was, how can I get everyone motivated?” so she led by doing. “I will start by just voicing my ideas and creating the first snowflake/snow and climbing on the ladder to hang our wonderful creations.”

Two photos: on the left, a handmade snowman cut from paper, with the CTM logo in the snowman's hat. On the right, cubicles are lined with papercut snow

Andrew Carpenter, Technical Support Supervisor, added, “You could almost feel a chill in the air because of all of the wintery fun. We even had our very own freshly baked cookies that were baked minutes before the judges came around.”

CTM's Maryland-based Technical Support team members showing the results of their holiday collaboration and teamwork.

“The ideas continued to build and build while we decorated. One idea led to another and before we knew it, we were surrounded by a Winter Wonderland that everyone helped create. It was truly a team effort. We all had so much fun and were so excited to hear our team name called as the winner!” – Andrew

Finance – “Polar Express”

As the reigning champion of our individual desk decorating contest in 2022, Brittany Buxton made sure the Finance department would not go unnoticed. The results of their collaboration and teamwork did not disappoint!

CTM employee by their rendition of the Polar Express train

Almost overnight, a train took shape along the Finance department desks. “I’m not much of a decorator, but I love the idea of building something!” said Buxton. “After last year’s Christmas cottage, I wanted to do something different. I started thinking about some of my favorite Christmas movies for inspiration and landed on the Polar Express.”

A hand built train set in an office

“I decided to put some of CTM’s extra filing cabinets to use, for the compartments of the train, and Kerri came up with the idea to use plastic tablecloths as an inexpensive alternative to wrapping paper. I had a vision and with Kerri’s help, we were able to bring our train to life. It was an awesome opportunity to collaborate and have a creative outlet at the office.”

Marketing – “John Candyland”

The Marketing team knew they had to go big to protect their reputation as the creative department.

A group of team members gather in a cardboard-built house in an office proud of their collaboration and teamwork project.

The original idea was to build and decorate a Gingerbread house, but that just didn’t seem like enough to stand out, especially as they started to see what was popping up in Finance and Support. After using their collaboration and teamwork skills they decided to add an element of surprise and humor by turning it into John Candyland, an homage to 80’s comedy legend John Candy.

On the left, a paper fireplace. On the right, papercut windows with green and red frame, candy decorations, and a portrait of John Candy popping through the window

“It’s times like this when it’s crucial to have a VP who is hands-on. Erika saved big TV boxes from earlier shipments, brought supplies, and rallied the troops to give John Candy a tribute he deserves.” – Chris Todd, Sr Manager, Marketing Operations

Handmade paper cutting elements included a fireplace, windows, a rug, CandyLand lettering, snow, and gumdrops. Bowls of candy were included inside the ‘house’ for the team and judges.

Carrier Relations & Regulatory

Work smarter, not harder. When the busy Regulatory team saw Marketing’s house taking shape next door, they had a plan. Rachael Wall’s clever idea combined with Natalie Peake’s hand lettering created a “harmonious decorating solution.” 

Hand lettering of the word "Ditto" points to the Marketing team

“We are a mighty team of two. What we do not have in quantity, we provide in quality (laughs).” – Rachael Wall, Telecom Regulatory Specialist


Continuing the comedy Christmas movie trend, Clark Griswold made a guest appearance in the sales department. 

Group of men gather around a cubicle with a cardboard cutout of Clark Griswold showing their collaboration and teamwork.

Customer Success

Busy keeping up with customer calls, this team kept is simple with a cozy digital fireplace, tree, and decorations. 

CTM team around their holiday themed work stations.

People & Culture

A holiday classic scene with a fireplace, Christmas tree, and stockings popped up in People & Culture. 80’s themed team photos line the cozy Christmas mantle.

Two images of holiday decorations; one a Christmas tree and the other a countdown to Christmas calendare

Engineering & Product

Thomas the Train chugged along while engineering and product teams were busy building the next CTM feature.

CTM teams showing off their train set and their collaboration and teamwork to make it happen.


The IT department brought the spirit with a blow up Olaf and ugly holiday sweaters.

CTM's IT team and their holiday creations.

Creativity in Tech

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