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Todd Fisher wins Corporate Culture Award by SmartCEO Magazine

by Jessica Michaels

Yesterday our CEO, Todd Fisher was awarded with a corporate culture award. The award ceremony was a festive, holidayScreen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.08.59 PM-themed event where over 200 CEO’s and their employees gathered to celebrate companies who create a work environment where creativity, ambition and ideas are cultivated.  The award honored CEO’s who have gone above and beyond to create a unique company culture and by doing so, they’ve enhanced performance and sustained their companies’ competitive advantage while enriching the lives of their employee’s and inspiring them to make a great impact on the world.Coperate Culture Award

CallTrackingMetrics has a unique company culture because the CEO & COO, Todd & Laure Fisher, approach to their employees is a very personable one; they don’t treat their staff like a number but mentor and inspire them to achieve greatness. They highly encourage their staff to identify workshops, training courses, or classes to further their education. They encourage us to find training so that fresh ideas and approaches are always being brought into the organization.

We also live and breathe our product. Our entire phone system is set up to use our own phone routing software so that we are all intimately aware of the way it works and able to quickly identify issues our clients might be experiencing. The staff are passionate about the product because we use it and it proves its value to us each day. We’re using our product to sell our product and it’s effective.

According to Fisher, “I learn from my team every day. I encourage people to challenge me and tell me when I’ve got it wrong. Everyone’s opinion counts here and we encourage people to think creatively about their roles, stretch themselves and define what contributions they can make to our customers– and the growth of our company. No one is ok here with status quo.”tream

Lastly, CallTrackingMetrics is growing at an amazing rate; what started out six years ago as a side project run out of the Fisher’s own home has grown into a thriving business with over 20,000 clients in countries all over the world.