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CTM’s Latest & Greatest Q1 2024  | New Plans, Agent App, Integrations, and More!

by CallTrackingMetrics

Learn about our newest product updates in CTM’s Latest & Greatest

We’ve been hard at work updating CallTrackingMetrics’ product offerings! Our most recent updates are provided by Data Dex, our AI-powered presenter.

New Subcription Plans

Here at CallTrackingMetrics, we’re always innovating to offer our customers new integrations and tailored solutions to meet your call tracking, attribution, and alignment needs.

In Q1 of 2024, we revamped our offerings to include a new suite of subscription plans based on customer feedback. These plans are our new Marketing Lite, Marketing Pro, Sales Engage, and Enterprise options. They’re designed to offer easier and more transparent pricing and access to the features that matter most. 

Explore these new plans and discover how they can help drive your success while keeping your budget on track!

Agent App

Our product and engineering teams have also been hard at work improving CallTrackingMetrics’ Agent App for mobile! 

After taking into account your feedback early in 2023, we dedicated the year to making significant improvements to our mobile app experience. 

Our key areas of focus included:

  • Improved login
  • More stability
  • Updated functionality
  • Better texting options
  • Smoother overall performance

Now, you and your agents can enjoy improved navigation and call management, with all the necessary tools at your fingertips for managing inbound and outbound calls, texts, and live chats.

CallTrackingMetrics Agent App is available for all CTM accounts with agent access. You can download it today on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Ready to boost sales, save time, and nurture leads seamlessly?

If the answer is “yes,” then get ready to adopt a 24/7 chatbot! 

ChatAI is CTM’s cutting-edge AI-powered chat integration designed to take your customer support and engagement to the next level. You can tailor your chatbot to provide on-brand help and content and provide accurate answers to your leads and customers’ questions. 

Here’s how you can use ChatAI at your company: 

  • Easily upload your company’s proprietary documents directly from your website or via Zendesk, ensuring your chatbot reflects your brand’s voice and draws from your knowledge base.
  • Customize your chatbot’s responses with specific instructions to align with your company’s communication style.
  • Fine-tune the chatbot’s creativity level to strike a balance between innovation and consistency.
  • Gain valuable insights into ChatAI’s performance with comprehensive activity logs.
  • Automatically hand off conversations from chatbot to live agent for more complex conversations and personalized assistance.

With ChatAI, you can introduce intelligent customer service to your company, making every brand interaction a memorable one. 

ChatAI is available on the Connect and Sales Engage plans.

New Integrations Available 

You can now view your Zoom calls in CTM, categorized as ‘Video’ in your Activity log, alongside calls, chats, texts, and forms with our improved Zoom integration!  

Use our Zoom transcription tool for AskAI-powered summaries and ratings after each call, which are accessible in CTM logs.

With our new Zoom integration you can

  • Connect Zoom users to CTM users, granting them permissions to view their own videos.
  • Assign admin roles with special permissions to view all videos.
  • Automatically redact video titles for privacy, if needed.
  • Elevate your Zoom meetings with AskAI to summarize key points, rate sales conversations, and identify action items. 
  • Focus in meetings in real time by having AskAI take notes during meetings and events.

Note: Unmapped agent videos won’t enter the activity log.

A brand new integration CTM just released allows you to connect your CTM account to Yext! Now, you can assign dedicated tracking numbers to your Yext listings for precise call tracking in CTM. Yext’s citation management works seamlessly with these tracking numbers for consistent business information online.

You can enjoy a dynamic two-way sync for instant updates to Yext listings in CTM and reduce the time your team spends creating and updating citations manually. 

Bookmark our Release Notes page in CTM’s Knowledge Base to stay on top of the Latest & Greatest from CTM!

Ready to take advantage of all these updates, but not yet a CallTrackingMetrics customer? Take a look at those brand-new subscription plans now!