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SAML, Agent Scripts, HubSpot Routing | CTM’s Latest & Greatest Q2 2022

by CallTrackingMetrics

CTM’s Latest & Greatest Q2 Release Notes

At CallTrackingMetrics, innovation and improvement are part of our everyday workflows. Our monthly Latest & Greatest quarterly release notes guide users through updates to ensure all CTM clients are getting the most value out of their subscription and usage as possible. In this quarter’s Latest & Greatest, we cover SAML updates (think Salesforce, Onelogin, Okta, etc.), text messages, HubSpot routing options, our Agent Mobile App, and Connect Plan updates.

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SAML Updates

If you’re using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) like Salesforce, Onelogin, Okta, and others, you can now integrate your account with CTM and access multiple web apps with one set of login credentials. 

Agent Scripts

Our new and improved call scripts are now known as Agent Scripts. You can use simple set scripts or dynamic scripts that change as the agent navigates a call. These scripts help agents gather important data while avoiding common errors, in addition to moving through calls efficiently. With even more customizable rules and configurations you’ll be able to optimize your call data, scoring, and agent workflows.

Agent Scripts are available on our Growth and Connect Plans.

HubSpot Routing Options

You now have more flexibility than ever before in deciding how to route activities with an integrated HubSpot account. If you’re routing through a queue, you can choose routing options based on the HubSpot contact owner, whether that is to route to the contact owner only, or just first before moving on to available agents. 

Text Messages

CTM’s Message Responses feature allows agents to use pre-written responses for text messages. Available on both the desktop and mobile app, these preset messages help agents respond quickly to a variety of situations. They simplify the answer process when customers reach out and help take the pressure off of agents. There is no limit to the number of prewritten responses agents can create in their profile. 

Updates to CTM’s Connect Plan

We’ve added Team Notification Enhancements to our Connect plans. Now, Teams you have created can be used as a distribution list for notifications; every member of a team receives a notification. Teams can also be used as a trigger rule for call tags.