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Recent Product Updates from CallTrackingMetrics

by CallTrackingMetrics

We’re constantly working to improve our platform here at CallTrackingMetrics, driven by your feedback as well as market trends. Coming soon, we will be launching a new release video series highlighting the big ticket updates we make to our platform! Until then, we’re pleased to announce a handful of enhancements that have been made over the past few months:

Faxing: Although so much has gone digital these days, we know many of you are still in the business of sending and receiving faxes, which you can now do through CallTrackingMetrics. To set this up, you’ll need to configure a tracking number for fax, which you can do in your Numbers settings. You can access and send faxes via the new Faxes log. Learn more here!

New Wrap-Up Panel for Outbound Calls: Similar to how you can score or add notes to an inbound call, you can now do the same with our new wrap-up panel for outbound calls. The wrap-up panel will automatically pop up after the call ends (depending on your team settings) so agents can swiftly track any important info from the conversation.

Expanded SMS Capabilities: Take your text message marketing efforts to a new level! You can now send up to 1600 characters via SMS. We’ve also added visibility for SMS messages in the call flow so you can track how an inbound text came through, went to an agent, and if they responded back.

Updates to Queues: We’ve updated queues to allow you to replay messages or move through a message sequence within Queues. In addition, the portion dictating seconds to no answer can be expanded.

Exit Phone Tracking: This feature is helpful for call center managers to monitor agent behavior and ensure agents are staying on top of calls. If your company’s policies are set up in order to not allow agents to ignore phone calls when the softphone is ringing, this feature makes it possible to see if someone exited the phone in auto-mode in order to stop answering. The Real-time Report call log will show a status event called “Exit phone” as seen below.

Ticket Portal for Support Requests: We shared this update previously but just in case you missed it, we now have a dedicated portal to submit, track, and manage any of your support requests. Learn more about how to use this here.

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