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Visualize Your Call and Visitor Data in Google Data Studio

by CallTrackingMetrics

It goes without saying that reporting on your call and visitor data is an essential piece of improving your marketing, sales, and support strategy — but some reports can be dense or difficult for other teams to parse out what the metrics are really saying.

At CallTrackingMetrics, we have a number of powerful reporting tools built directly into our software for you to optimize your campaign strategy, recognize ROI on your marketing investments, and more. Yet we wanted to find a way to make these reports more visual and accessible for admins who need to quickly digest and share these insights out to other parties in their organization. Enter our newest integration with Google Data Studio.

An example Google Data Studio report mock on a black tablet. Shows geography of visitors, calls, and Google data.

Google Data Studio is a great tool for building highly-visual, dynamic reports. As the demand for simple, beautiful reporting tools grows for businesses around the world, we recognized an opportunity to build a connection with their platform, in order to help your business streamline and display all your valuable call and visitor insights. Plus, thanks to their pre-built data connectors with other popular platforms like Google Ads and Analytics, you can visualize all your data across the tools you’re using in one place.

With this integration, you can:

  • Create custom graphs and reports using both customer and pre-built templates (including a custom CallTrackingMetrics version our team built with you in mind) to display the exact metrics you’re looking for
  • Use their easy drag and drop interface to auto-update your data as you dynamically change fields
  • Unite your data in one place with pre-built data connectors that enable you to loop in information from all the products you use every day
  • Empower your team with visual, easily-digestible insights that any individual you choose—whether inside, or outside your organization—can have access to

Ultimately, the best part about this integration is you will be able to more easily report on your call and visitor data and translate real results for your team. There are two options for using the Google Data Studio integration, either via the:

  1. Call Log Connector — Gather raw data from your call log, using nearly every field as a possible metric so you can build advanced and highly customized reports using the full spectrum of your data.
  2. Activity Reports Connector — Pull existing data from your CallTrackingMetrics activity reports. This enables you to quickly and easily build Data Studio reports using those same dimensions. This helps cut down on the time to populate the report with data since it’s not pulling quite as many records, yet it lacks some of the personalizations available with the Call Log Connector.

The integration is available to all plans and users on CallTrackingMetrics and requires an account with Google Data Studio. Learn more about setting up the integration here or explore our webinar recording below.

On demand video training CTA for how to analyze your calltrackingmetrics data in Google Data Studio. Click to watch now.