Call Tracking For Advertising Agencies

by Jessica Michaels

Agency Review of CallTrackingMetrics:

As a digital marketing strategist, I’m always looking for the most comprehensive data regarding just how effective our digital strategies are performing. I realized there are 2 types of conversions from a website, online such as a form submission and offline such as a phone call. Monitoring our online conversions was easy, there are several avenues reporting that data. However we didn’t have a way to monitor our offline sources such as phone call leads and sales.

Which brought us to CallTrackingMetrics.

  • CTM’s software allows us to know when offline conversions are happening which allows us to more accurately report on the lead volume and cost/lead that PPC brings through the door.
  • Being to attribute the calls down to the keyword level is invaluable! Knowing which keywords are driving calls allows us to know how to better optimize the account and where to allocate budget to get the best ROI.
  • CTM’s call tracking software has helped us uncover issues with our clients sales tactics by recording calls.
  • The call recordings helps our management to reveal issue with our customer service and better monitor agents who aren’t converting to sales. With the use CTM we’ve not only improved our ROI, we have the capability to better monitor and manage our staff.

CTM provides us with a deeper understanding into the digital marketing funnel and how revenue flows from traffic > lead > customer. We are then better able to figure out which part of the equation is a problem for our clients and we can help address it.

Holly L.- Search Account Manager – Advision