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How this Advertising Management Agency Gets their Clients “Killer Results”

by CallTrackingMetrics

At Loud Rumor, we provide AdWords management and Facebook Advertising as top services for small businesses. But in order to really track the leads that our clients get from their campaigns, we use a few different tools. One of our all time favorites is call tracking. That’s where CallTrackingMetrics comes in – and it’s gotten our clients killer results.

Why is call tracking important when it comes to AdWords and Social Media marketing? Because so many small businesses get a ton of their leads by phone. We aren’t just looking at form submissions anymore.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to be able to track when people call your company and why. Because people are always on their phones…dinosaur phone

So if you don’t properly track your marketing calls, you miss out on a lot of lead tracking. And you want that to be as accurate as possible… especially if you’re an internet marketing company whose clients rely on those numbers!

CallTrackingMetrics allows us to see which ads people call from, why they’re calling, and the quality of the lead. Thanks to their awesome platform that actually records all of these sessions, we can go back and listen to each call one at a time for even more info!

This is great because we get the chance to see if our clients handle their phone leads the right way. It helps us evaluate their salesperson’s phone skills. If a company’s salesperson isn’t closing the deal over the phone and that’s a recurring problem, then we know the ads aren’t the issue.

CallTrackingMetrics also allows us to find out why people call our clients – aside from their awesome services. What specific products do they mention over the phone? What type of language do they use that could be incorporated as keywords in the ads and landing pages?

This is all really great material to reference and dig a little deeper. In this case, the phone recordings are the one time it’s okay to eavesdrop on calls – and who can say no to that?

But most of all, it brings in a ton of great success for our clients, which is what we like to see most.

Here’s the data we gathered from the month of June for a few of our clients using CallTrackingMetrics:

Blinds, shutters, and drapery company

By using call tracking, we were able to see that this client received 32 quality phone leads through their PPC ads. That means 32 people called who saw their ads, a big number that otherwise wouldn’t be counted for. Of those 32 leads, 9 appointments were booked right on that first call. Awesome! We can assume by their 66% close rate, that the other leads were closed after the consultation. Safe to say they were very happy for the month of June.


We work with a local dentist who uses AdWords and relies pretty heavily on their PPC ads to bring in new customers. So it’s super important to track all of their leads. With CallTrackingMetrics, we counted that this client closed 60% of their leads on the first call – right on target. That’s a strong ratio and means they’re really killing it, super hero style.

Dog trainer

The dog trainer that we manage AdWords for works in their own backyard. So their online presence is really essential to their success and customer intake. In June, they received 19 calls and by using CallTrackingMetrics, we were able to listen in on each and see that 63% of them were quality leads from people who were interested in dog training services that catered to what our client offers. This was great to see, and as we learned more about that 63%, we were able to adjust their campaign and targeting methods to get in front of more people like that.

As you can tell, we work with a wide variety of small business. Regardless, we use CallTrackingMetrics for all of them. This is great for us to track their leads and make sure their salesperson is doing well, and it’s great for our clients because they get to see the awesome results their PPC campaigns bring in, while also watching results improve each month as we optimize around those results.

Mike Arce

Mike Arce founded Loud Rumor, an internet marketing company for small businesses that focuses strictly on new customer generation. Mike has spoken for companies like Infusionsoft, the Better Business Bureau, ASBA, and Local First – all on the topic of Local Business Internet Marketing. He has a passion for local businesses and helping them grow.