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Webinar: Data-Driven Solutions for Franchises

by CallTrackingMetrics

Discover how to power your franchise’s growth on CallTrackingMetrics! Check out our webinar recording, featuring one of our top partners, 10Xfive, to learn more about how to master your nationwide and local marketing strategy and provide better service to customers using call tracking and contact center automation.

During this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How the franchise model has evolved and current trends in franchising
  • Franchise-specific needs and solutions for marketing attribution and contact center tools
  • Client success stories from leading growth agency 10Xfive and other top franchises
About 10Xfive

10Xfive is an Atlanta-based scalability partner for high growth companies. 10Xfive offers clients a complete marketing team designed to deliver hyper sales growth. Our passionate team delivers full-service marketing and sales solutions, which include Branding, Digital Marketing, Media Buying, PR, an Inbound/Outbound Sales Center and a host of complementary services and strategic partnerships that provide our clients with the ease and confidence of partnering with one entity versus a patchwork of vendors. At 10Xfive we are a values-driven company. In everything we do, we strive to live out our five core values: 1. Act as One Team, 2. Be an Entrepreneur, 3. Think Big and Act Fast, 4. Lead with Stewardship, 5. Exceed Expectations.