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Announcing our integration with VWO

by CallTrackingMetrics

We’re excited to announce our new integration with website optimization tool VWO!

VWO is the all-in-one platform that helps you conduct visitor research, build an optimization roadmap, and run continuous experimentation. You can track engagement, clicks, conversions, signups, or anything else that matters to you and your business through their A/B testing service.

Marketers and savvy business owners have been A/B testing their products for years, but now VWO can simplify that process immensely. With VWO, you can easily change the headline, button, image, or any other element to create multiple variations of your website. Then, VWO will equally divide your website traffic among all the variations, and track which one works the best for you. 

VWO is incredibly easy to use, and now it can be integrated with your CallTrackingMetrics account.

Here are a few things you’ll see once you’ve set up the integration:



You’ll be able to attach VWO session data to your calls, letting you know which caller is participating in which VWO experiment and variation.

You can define which criteria constitutes a conversion on our platform, and then send those custom conversions into VWO via triggers.

You’ll be able to view your calls broken down by VWO experiments and variations within the CTM Reporting screen.

You’ll also be able to view data from your CTM calls within the VWO platform.

Integrating your CallTrackingMetrics account with VWO will allow you to understand which variations are driving calls and ultimately, conversions. Could a bigger CTA button increase conversions? Why not test it out?

Integrate your CTM account with VWO today!