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How Our Team is Taking a Stand Against Racism

by Todd Fisher

For far too long, systemic racism and police brutality have damaged and taken the lives of Black people across the United States. Our team has personally been shaken by recent events, including the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and countless others throughout history. We’ve been inspired by the thousands of peaceful protests demanding change, and as a company, we’re committed to being part of that change.

While a commitment to diversity, in all its shapes and forms, has always been part of our company’s cultural framework, recent events have highlighted yet again that we all have more work to do to advocate for greater inclusion and equality and inspired the formation of a formalized diversity program at CallTrackingMetrics.

This initiative was driven thanks to ideas shared from our team on how to advocate for racial equality not just in our company, but in our local community as well. And while the initial conversation was centered around the Black Lives Matter movement, what ultimately surfaced were not just great suggestions for how to support reform in those areas, but also how to shape a broader Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) program that supports and amplifies the voices of team members regardless of self-identified gender, race, sexuality, age, or disability.

There is a lot of work to be done; some are quicker initiatives but many are long term investments that we will be making in education, awareness, and culture to support diversity at CTM and the community around us.

The following are a sample of actions we’re committed to taking in order to develop a meaningful and impactful D&I program and actively promote anti-racism in the workplace.

  1. Establishing diversity goals and regularly reporting on how we’re doing against them in order to hold ourselves accountable, driven by a fully anonymous diversity-focused survey given to the team. Transparency is important to us, and we will share the results with employees as well as how we’re taking steps to address any feedback.
  2. Promoting education in the workplace through formal diversity awareness training, which will become part of our new hire onboarding process as well. In addition, our book club will seek opportunities to bring in outside perspectives and open up diversity discussions on different topics amongst our team.
  3. Our Human Resources team will be incorporating diversity measures into our hiring process, including updating our recruitment collateral to reflect our commitment to inclusion, leveraging new sourcing methods to ensure we’re proactively reaching out to a broad range of candidates, and instating procedures that eliminate the potential for unintended biases in the hiring process.
  4. Our internal mentoring program, which has been a great hallmark of our culture thus far, will incorporate diversity topics into the curriculum in order to support mentees in having difficult conversations around race, sex, orientation, or other topics, and how to incorporate diversity into their career paths and goals. In addition, we will also be researching local schools and career development programs for underrepresented students to identify places where we could have interns/mentoring programs to offer exposure to a variety of potential career fields including engineering, technology, and professional development.
  5. To support CallTrackingMetrics employees in their efforts in the community, we’re implementing a new VTO (Volunteer Time Off) benefit, which will provide each person a bank of time that can be used during work hours for community service or social justice to support the causes they are passionate about. Our community involvement group will also evaluate the events we currently coordinate for our team in order to ensure we have a variety of opportunities that reflect the diverse interests of our company and support underserved communities.
  6. Our company contributes to several organizations each year based on employee feedback, and we will continue to do that and ensure that we are supporting a diverse range of organizations. We recognize that many of our employees have causes they are passionate about, and are launching a matching program in order to amplify those donations.
  7. Our team is made up of a diverse range of people who do a lot of amazing things, both inside and outside of work. We want to celebrate that and also provide employees with ways to share ideas and opportunities with each other. Community outreach and social justice will now be a continuous conversation among team members and part of our internal value awards, so that employees are recognized for their impact not just at CallTrackingMetrics, but also in our community.

These are just some of the initiatives we’re taking on in the immediate future, and we’re eager to continue shaping our diversity program thanks to the feedback of our employees and new opportunities we come across. We intend to advocate for greater inclusion and equality by starting where we can in the workplace, and spreading that into our local community as well.

In solidarity,

Todd Fisher
CEO of CallTrackingMetrics