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Introducing Call Transcriptions

by Jessica Michaels

CallTrackingMetrics is pleased to announce the launch of their latest feature, call transcriptions. Call transcriptions are an exciting new feature that transforms the audio of your calls into speaker organized scripts. This can be a great tool for reviewing calls quickly, spot checking performance and identifying trends.

Transcriptions are also making our keyword spotting tool even more powerful! Choose to have our system analyze your transcripts for the presence of particular words and take actions ( like send emails, tag calls, etc) when particular words are spotted. Transcriptions allow you to search your call log for specifics words spoken during a conversation. Meaning if you forgot to return a client’s call but can’t remember their name you can search for words from your conversation to find the call and the callers information. Transcriptions are available for both inbound and outbound calls and are only compatible when the call recording is turned on.

Setting up Transcriptions:

You can activate the transcription service from within your call settings tab.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 4.48.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 12.14.30 PM

The cost of the transcription varies from plan to plan and is billed on a per minute rate. From within the transcription settings you have the option to include the transcription in the notification emails. Turning this on can add 1 to 2 minutes of post call delay due to the transcription processing. Once the transcription has processed the notification will be sent. If you choose to leave this off some of the notification emails will not include transcription if they have not finished processing when the email is sent.

Viewing Transcriptions:

When Call Transcriptions is processed a page like icon will appear in the call log within the contact information column. Clicking the icon will bring up the completed transcription. The transcriptions will be speakers segmented and you can click the time to jump to that segment of the call recording.

Keyword Spotting:

The new technology behind the transcriptions has allowed CallTrackingMetrics to revamp their keyword spotting tool, making it more powerful and more affordable than ever. Keyword Spotting is now an included feature within the transcripts and is offer for no additional cost. Keyword spotting analyzes calls for the presence (or lack of) particular keywords in the audio of the call. By adding keyword spotting rules, you can tell the system to look for particular keywords and then take a variety of actions such as exclude the call, send an email, rate the call, convert the call, tag the call etc.

This feature gives you instant categorization of your calls based on keywords mentioned, allows you to quickly evaluate the quality of your sales and support calls, and automatically add conversions and ratings for your call based on what keywords are found.

Here are just some of the ways you could use keyword spotting:

  • Wrong Number Detection: If someone mentions “wrong number” in the call, exclude the call and remove the visitor data associated with the call.
  • Appointment Scheduling Confirmation: If someone mentions “scheduled” or “appointment”, automatically tag the call with an appointment scheduled tag or automatically mark it as converted.
  • Call Quality Reporting: If someone mentions words like “upset” or “mad”, tag this call as “unhappy customer” and rate it with just 1 star and even have an automatic email sent to your sales manager. If someone mentions words like “happy”, “great” or “delighted”, mark it with a “good call” tag and rate it with 5 stars.
  • Know what your customer wants ahead of time: Enter different product lines in as keywords, tag your calls with that information and then as you review your missed call audio files, you can jump right to the place in the audio where the caller mentions one of your products.