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Introducing our Integration with Zoho CRM

by CallTrackingMetrics

Many of our customers report being satisfied users of Zoho CRM, so we’re pretty excited to announce our latest integration!



When it comes to CRM – Customer Relationship Management – software, Zoho CRM is quickly expanding in popularity. CRM software is designed to bring your marketing, sales, and customer service departments together in one platform. What better way to streamline your business operations, than to share valuable customer data and service history between departments?

CallTrackingMetrics gathers and analyzes the data from your calls, texts, and online forms, so we can’t think of a better software partner than a CRM – especially the excellent platform offered by Zoho. Zoho CRM is known for being extremely intuitive and easy to manage, even for users who aren’t especially tech savvy. It’s also completely customizable, just like our platform!

Our integration with Zoho goes both ways – meaning, we receive information from their platform, as well as send our data to theirs. You can use our triggers to specify exactly what information is ported over, and under which circumstances that should happen. For example, you could decide that every incoming call from a new number should create a new contact in the Zoho CRM.

With the Zoho CRM integrated with CallTrackingMetrics, incoming calls from existing Zoho contacts will display that contact’s information. You can choose to edit that record right inside our call log, and it will automatically update the information in Zoho CRM!

Just to make it a little more convenient, we’ve also added a link inside the Zoho call log panel that will take you directly into that record within the Zoho CRM panel.

Can’t wait to get started? Integrate your CallTrackingMetrics account with Zoho today!