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CallTrackingMetrics Named Champions in Conversation Intelligence for Third Year In-a-Row

by Chris Todd

Conversation intelligence software is all about listening to your customers to learn more about them and improve their experience. When Software Reviews reached out to our customers and listened to their feedback about our platform, their findings earned CallTrackingMetrics a top position in their Emotional Footprint report for conversation intelligence for the third year in-a-row.

The full report covers two main categories that matter to software buyers:

  • Product value – does the software’s value outweigh the costs?
  • Customer sentiment – how does it feel to work with the vendor?

Both categories align with our values at CTM.

  • Champions of Innovation – We strive to build a product that has a breadth of highly customizable features. We want our conversation intelligence tools to serve your unique use case, not the lowest common denominator.
  • Customer-centric – We also want you to walk away from any interaction with us smiling. We want to serve you just as well as our product does.

As a part of the report, CallTrackingMetrics earned a badge for being the top-rated software for product impact and significantly outperformed the category average for vendor support.

Software Reviews put together a summary report to highlight CallTrackingMetrics’ achievements in features like call analytics, transcriptions, and sales pipeline visibility. Plus (what means even more to us) 96% say they “love” CTM. And guess what?

The feeling is mutual. ♥️