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The Big Bing Conversion

by Erika Rollins

The wait is over, folks! Bing now offers Offline Conversions.

We’re thrilled to announce that CTM can now send session and conversion data into Bing Ads and attribute Campaign and Ad Group information for Call Extensions.

For years our clients have been requesting a complete Bing integration which would allow CallTrackingMetrics to send session and conversion data directly into the Bing Ads platform. Considering the fact that we offer the same capability for Google AdWords already—and it’s a huge selling point for our customers seeking best-in-class call attribution—why not have the same capabilities for Bing Ads? But, due to the limitations of the Bing Ads platform, there simply wasn’t a solution for call attribution. Until now. (drumroll, please…)

Bing made an exciting announcement last week that offline conversion tracking is available with the use of a Microsoft Click ID, known as the MSCLKID. This works exactly like Google’s GCLID and allows Bing users to upload offline conversions by matching the unique paid click MSCLKID.


How It Works with CTM:

With the use of Bing auto-tagging, CTM has historically been able to capture and attribute the Campaign, Ad Group, and Keyword back to a specific phone call. The challenge was that the data only lived in CTM’s reports and couldn’t be attributed as actual conversions in the Bing Ads platform. With the recent addition of Bing’s offline conversions, they now capture a unique MSCLKID tag with every paid click which allows CTM to pull the ID, and map the conversion data back into Bing.

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