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CTM Team Spotlight: Courtney Tyson

by Frances Miller

Here at CallTrackingMetrics, we have a favorite tradition of nominating our colleagues for our internal culture awards. The culture awards recognize outstanding employees who embody our core values as a company: Impact, Innovation, Customer Driven, and Community.

With that in mind, let’s get to know our most recent award winner, Courtney Tyson! As part of our Customer Success team, Courtney spends her days getting to know our customers’ needs and helping them grow with the right CallTrackingMetrics features. She has a knack for asking the right questions, and is not shy about sharing customers’ needs back with the team to better our product.

To that end, you may already know Courtney pretty well if you’re one of her clients, but we sat down to ask about her background, and the CTM product updates she’s looking forward to that will be most impactful for CTM.

team spotlight courtney tyson customer success

Name: Courtney Tyson
Title: Customer Success Manager
Currently binging: Watching Moana about 1x per day, and everything on Disney+
Drink of choice: A glass of malbec—or just a good ol’ Miller Lite
WFH soundtrack: Bravo for background noise, or country music
Favorite season: Fall
What’s your sign? I’m a total Taurus
Early bird or night owl? Early bird
If you were a Spice Girl, what would your name be? My husband would say Stubborn Spice, others might say Smiley Spice

Job titles only say so much, so introduce yourself! How would you describe your role at CTM?
Courtney: As a Customer Success Manager with CTM, I maintain relationships with our customers in order to help them optimize their use of our software. My goal is to be an extension of their team at CTM, so I strive to get to know them as best as possible—from their individual roles and duties to the larger business needs and pain points.

I think of customer success as a joint venture relationship between CTM and our customers. We work together mutually with our clients to find solutions that will help them grow and meet their goals. So, building meaningful relationships helps me to know how to best support them.

What’s it like being part of the Customer Success team?
Courtney: It’s very rewarding! Each and every day, we’re talking with customers in a variety of industries and roles, so we truly learn something new everyday. Plus, we make friends along the way!

Specific to our department at CTM, we are a diverse and fun group with different backgrounds, so we learn a lot from each other and we’re always collaborating. We have deep insight into the clients and businesses we serve, and we’re constantly having conversations internally about what customers are saying and what they need.

Group photo of james kara courtney and ken of CallTrackingMetrics

2020 has had more than its fair share of hurdles. What’s one of your proudest moments from this year—something that the team overcame?
Courtney: I’m really proud of the marketing team and everyone involved with the Launchpad Summit event! This year, the company had to scratch an entire plan of how we were going to connect with customers through conferences, so it was amazing to see this virtual conference come to life. Being a part of the event on the speaking front was a big win for me as well, and it was my first time connecting with customers in a webinar format.

Looking back further, the beginning of the pandemic was a huge hurdle for my team. Just as our own company was shifting and transitioning, many of our customers also went through drastic changes. I’m proud of how my team was able to adapt so quickly and continue supporting our clients through all of that change.

Have this year’s travel restrictions—not being able to meet customers in person—impacted your job and those customer relationships?
Courtney: There is definitely a lot of value in those in-person meetings. Prior to CTM, I was an Enterprise Account Director at Cision and I traveled constantly between D.C. and Pittsburgh. In my first year at CTM, I didn’t do a ton of traveling while I was getting up to speed.

Then, right as the pandemic began, I was actually in the middle of booking my flight to go on my first in-person trip to Denver to meet with 1st Class Medical. I was so sad when that fell through, and look forward to hopefully being able to meet in person again!

Funny photo of Shannon Kara and Courtney

Does your PR knowledge impact the way you do your current job? How so?
Courtney: PR is all about getting your audience to engage with you. Conversely, at CTM we provide the avenue for your audience to engage with you, as well as data to learn from and act on that engagement.

In my role at Cision, I gained a lot of insight into large corporations as well as larger nonprofits and PR agencies, so I’m excited for CTM to move more into that enterprise space.

How is work-from-home-life going for you, and what’s it like to work from home with a baby?
Courtney: Transitioning to working from home full time has been very challenging—especially with a now 15-month-old at home—but also a blessing in disguise. I’ve been able to spend more time with my daughter than I ever would have.

I do miss the socializing and collaboration, so I’m excited about our company’s plans to embrace a hybrid in-office and remote schedule.

calltrackingmetrics employees frances and courtney

Transitioning into our product and all of its different features and use cases, I’m sure your clients have a wide variety of needs. What part of our product do you feel you talk about the most?
Courtney: I often start with attribution, it’s a key for many of our agency customers. Call tracking has evolved so much over the last decade, yet it still feels like a newer technology so there’s opportunity for agencies to offer those services.

For agencies who are more experienced with call tracking, I’m having conversations about how to polish up their CTM configurations, and pull in more data. Once they have CTM configured, they can easily implement forms and bulk text messaging, for example.

What’s a CTM feature that you think more people should know about?
Courtney: I want more people to know about chat. Especially now, it’s so important to give your audience multiple ways to communicate with you. Our chat solution is such an easy and cost effective way to open up that new line of communication. For companies that already use CTM as a phone system, it’s also a benefit to your agents to have phone calls and chats all in one platform.

Absolutely, and our live chat is now even HIPAA compliant. Why do you think some companies haven’t already added chat to their communications suite?
Courtney: For some, it’s about having the technical resources to implement a new chat system. Ours is extremely easy to implement and we have free resources available. And for those who want to accelerate and delegate the setup process, we also have well priced Professional Services Boost Packs.

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Courtney Tyson customer success manager at Call Tracking Metrics

The refreshed mobile app is the talk of the town for CTM’s product focus in 2021. Can you tell me anything about the app and what it means for customers?
Courtney: Yes, we have countless customers awaiting the release of our new mobile app! It’s going to give our customers—particularly those who are utilizing our contact center features—tons of flexibility. You’ll be able to access all of your business communications in one place, whether on iPhone or Android, record notes on those on-the-go calls, and bring your entire phone system with you anywhere!

Other than the mobile app, what encourages you when thinking ahead to 2021, specific to our product or our company?
Courtney: I’m so encouraged by our new hires and team growth. Our customers have so much potential, so the more resources we have internally means the more we can help customers grow as well.

In terms of functionality in CTM, the live transcriptions, the new mobile app, things we’re doing with Google ad extensions, and all of the other things that are going to come to fruition in the next year.

What encourages you when thinking ahead to 2021 for you personally? Any plans?
Courtney: I’m remaining optimistic that things will get better in 2021 and hoping we’ll be able to see friends, family, and coworkers in person as opposed to virtually. And, I’m excited to continue to watch my daughter grow and establish her vocabulary and personality!