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Video | Todd Fisher Shares the Inspiration Behind the New CallTrackingMetrics Agent App

by Frances Miller

CallTrackingMetrics regularly updates features and functionality of its marketing attribution and contact center software. These changes are often driven by customer feedback and help our customers continue to scale with the platform. In our Release Notes video series, we overview on the most pertinent updates and what they mean for your business. This month, we have a special edition in which we interview Todd Fisher on the brand new Agent App, available for download on the Apple App Store.

Update: The CallTrackingMetrics Agent App is now available for Android in the Google Play Store.

Watch: April 2021 Release Video

In this month’s video, CTM Account Executive Jonathan Morgia asks Todd Fisher about the new CallTrackingMetrics Agent App.

What were the driving forces and reasoning for launching this new app?

Todd: In the new app, we focused on the agent user experience. So we really wanted to create an application for the people who are using the phone to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, handle web chats, and perform their daily tasks, whether they are in sales or support.

What are some of the differences between the new Agent App and the standard CallTrackingMetrics mobile app?

Todd: We actually didn’t initially set out to create a new, separate app. But when we started to think about the different use cases and how they diverge, it became clear that they needed to be separate experiences. So, if you’re an administrator managing your call center, or a marketing manager reviewing reports, you should continue to use the existing app—it’s designed for you. It’s designed to help you manage your team and manage the functions and call routing of your account. The new Agent App is designed for you if you’re answering phone calls, making phone calls, interacting with customers, or interacting with prospects. It’s designed for that use case alone.

Can you tell us about some of the features and benefits of the new app?

Todd: Because it’s streamlined, it’s easy to adopt. The barrier to entry is very low, so the amount of training necessary to use the new app should be near zero. In the new app, the main functions are all oriented around communications. There’s the activity list, the contact list, the phone, and finally messages. If you’re familiar with the phone and messaging apps on your smart phone, then the new app will not be foreign to you at all.

While streamlined, the Agent App does integrate the features of CallTrackingMetrics. You have access to our activity log, which means you can quickly recall information about folks you’ve talked with in the past. For instance, imagine you’re going to meet a customer on site, you’ve been having phone calls with them, and it’s been months since your last conversation. Now, you’ll be able to go back and listen to those recordings or read the transcripts to refresh your memory—all on the go. Those are some examples of things that the new app excels at, in comparison to the existing app which has the same capabilities, but amongst many, many other capabilities. You have a much more distilled version of the features that we believe are ideal for the sales rep or the service rep.

Is there anything coming down the pipeline related to this mobile app that you can share?

Todd: As we continue to evolve, we’re going to be constantly incrementally improving the agent experience and the new app. A couple of things that we have planned to roll out involve taking some of the more customized apps that people have built inside of CallTrackingMetrics web UI, and making those available to you in the mobile app interface. We’re also thinking longer term about the way people communicate. So we’re thinking about video conferencing support inside the new app as well. There are also a number of other features that we have in mind, but you’ll have to wait and see.

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