LA Furniture – a 180 degree turn on Phone Call Tracking

I am about to tell you a quick a case study/story of a complete 180 degree change in stance about Phone Call Tracking by one of my clients, LA Furniture.

The initial research

LAfurnitureLA Furniture, nationwide online retailer of modern furniture and with Four furniture stores across Los Angeles, has been using CallTrackingMetrics since March 2013. It was I, Varun Tandon from Rockin Technology Web Marketing, who conducted a vendor research at the time. I researched through top 5 vendors for Phone Call Tracking. I narrowed my research down to testing two vendors. Over a span of 2 months, I rigorously tested out ResponseTap and CallTrackingMetrics side by side on two separate client’s websites. Needless to say, CallTrackingMetrics won out of the two.


At LA Furniture, we ported numbers from other two existing phone vendors. If we were unable to port numbers, we slowly replaced them after a few months.


Initial use of CallTrackingMetrics (CTM)


I was in a happy place. Using New Phone Calls and Call Sale as an important indicator of paid & organic campaigns evaluation, I produced better results. It helped me evaluate advertising channels that were not working. Given that more than 30% of LA Furniture’s sales were over the phone, we ended or extended advertising contracts based on additional data we gathered from CTM.


After almost 2 years of using CTM, LA Furniture started questioning whether the Return on Investment made sense on CTM’s cost. As a marketing professional, I clearly saw it essential to my work as I used it each month for Adwords keywords evaluation, but it was never directly used by anyone at LA Furniture.


For over two months, we had conversations around CTM’s worth. After many conversations, we got to a point where we started looking at all the communications system at LA Furniture.

giphy (3)After testing out LA Furniture’s existing phone exchange menu system, we learnt that there were gaping holes where customers/callers were sent into a loop of menus at certain times during the day and during off hours.

Due to the missing control and knowledge about customer service phone system, we learnt that they could not effectively help certain customers.


The 180 degree turn

Instead of talking about CTM’s worth and to get rid of it to reduce costs, we scheduled a screenshare call with Bob from CTM. He answered all our questions and showed us the use of Schedule times, Agent Queues and Voice Menus.


LA Furniture has since:

  • LA Furniture been testing and setting up all Agents with Browser phones to answer calls.
  • Teaching customer service reps on how to take notes within CTM so all Agents can help any customer.
  • LA Furniture has come up with innovative hold music by talking about their ongoing sales while customers hold.
  • All Agents can now check voicemails and follow up on customer calls, something that was almost impossible to do with the old system.
  • Thus far, CTM has completely handled complicated rules around voice menus and scheduled timings.


Important note: LA Furniture’s old phone system still exists, but it’s bypassed completely. This was possible only because all of the advertised phone numbers are through CTM.


LA Furniture is very optimistic about huge improvements to their customer service and furniture sales department.


giphy (4)Till now, Rockin Technology had used CTM to provide an accurate ROI number for various campaigns for LA Furniture. Now, CTM is part of client’s everyday work flow. LA Furniture’s monthly payment to CTM remains the same while they clearly see it’s worth as they use it each and every day.


Takeaway: As a marketing professional, you sometimes need to go outside of your role and help the client understand all the features that can be used to help their bottom line. Look at your client’s phone system to seek opportunities. it may seem like a daunting task as it usually involves multiple people across the company, but it’s completely worth it.

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