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How to GA4: Level Up Your New Google Analytics Account

by Hannah Hanover

GA4 is here to stay – are you ready to use it like a pro?

Thousands of CTM customers are using our GA4 integration to define events, select parameters, and view call and session data in their new Google Analytics account. In our How to GA4 series, our resident Google expert, Jess, leads you through four need-to-know features to view, navigate, and optimize your GA4 data in CTM.

How to View Your Call Events in Google Analytics 4

Learn how to view your events in CTM, navigate your realtime reports, and understand the data you see. You’ll even learn about event reports, the time it takes for events to populate, and more!

How to View Your Event Session Data in Google Analytics 4

Learn where to find your call event session data in your GA4 account and how to adjust your default channel groupings for easier viewing.

How to Level Up Call Events with Custom Definitions in Google Analytics 4

In this video, you’ll learn how to convert your custom event parameters into custom definitions for better reporting. Custom event definitions help you determine, display, and analyze the data that’s most important to your business.

How to Send Call Conversions to Google Analytics 4

Learn the differences between conversion and goals in Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics and how to send quality data into your GA4 account from CallTrackingMetrics.

Ready for more GA4 resources? Take a look at our GA4 resources page, or read The New Google Analytics: How to Set Up Events in GA4.

CallTrackingMetrics pioneered the first GA4 integration in the industry and are ready to help you set up an account. Book a demo to discover more of what CTM and GA4 can offer your business.