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A Day in the Life of Senior Paid Media Manager Lisa Salvatore

by Frances Miller

Ever wonder what a typical day looks like for our talented team members? In this new series, we’ll follow our internal experts through one day in their respective roles.

Kicking off the series is Lisa Salvatore of the Marketing team! As Senior Paid Media Manager, Lisa is in charge of strategizing and optimizing our Paid Media efforts. Watch the video or read the recap below for an inside look at how our own digital advertiser manages Google Ads and other campaigns with insight from CTM. Plus, you have to see her built-in drink fridge stocked with Bubly sparkling water!

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A Typical Day as a Paid Media Manager

After the essential WFH morning routine items of choosing which sweatpants to wear and brewing a pot of coffee, it’s time to get started.

Digital marketer working from home


First things first, Lisa dives into emails, followed by a morning Marketing team huddle to connect on priorities for the day. Next, she digs into her ad accounts to check on performance and pacing. This can include targeting changes, bid adjustments, and creative swaps, depending on the day. A paid media manager has to be vigilant, she explains: “Digital ad campaigns are not a set-it-and-forget-it. They require constant attention and adjustments to get the most out of them.”

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paid media manager going for an afternoon run


After a midday run and lunch break, Lisa dives deeper into the quality of leads from paid ad campaigns. And she can attest that CallTrackingMetrics is a key tool for this. Naturally, she is a customer of the product she advertises! In her own words, “With attribution down to the keyword level, I can see exactly which keywords and campaigns drove the highest quality leads, and I can also see which drove unqualified leads. This allows me to make better, more strategic ad buying decisions.”

Later in the afternoon, it’s time for a refreshing Bubly while catching up on industry related news through articles or podcasts like Adlandia.


grabbing a bubly sparkling water from the drink fridge

At the end of a long day, Lisa has an awesome record collection for winding down, Mad Men style. And it’s no secret that her two feline friends, Olivia and Harvey, make for the cutest coworkers.

Olivia the cat taking a nap

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