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Tracking Calls at Your Law Firm

by CallTrackingMetrics

Are you interested in gaining a better understanding of how effectively your marketing dollars are being used at your law firm?

Call tracking is one of the first steps to gain insight into what advertisements are generating quality leads and calls to your firm. Our Director of Sales, Meghan Hodge, recently chatted with the LAWsome Podcast about how insights from your calls and conversations can help you optimize spend and inform business decisions.

Listen in to discover:

  • How to use call tracking to accurately measure your marketing ROI
  • How to sift through the data to find meaningful KPIs
  • How proper attribution can lead to smarter marketing choices

Here’s a sneak peek of what she had to say:

“If you’re not tracking your calls that are being generated by your campaigns, you’re really missing key touch points with your clients. By the time someone is calling your firm, they’ve almost made their decision. These are your leads to lose. And if you don’t know what is driving those calls and who is giving a call in from those particular sources, and optimizing your spend around how to drive those particular calls and conversations, you’re missing out on opportunities.” 

Listen to the episode via the link above and visit the LAWsome Podcast for more great content for the legal industry.

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