From Agency Expert to CEO: The Journey of Digital Entrepreneur Aaron Weiche

by Kim Jaso

When we crafted the idea and vision for our Smart Route podcast, we knew we wanted to feature the unique stories of business owners and industry experts alongside those of the businesses we admired. In this episode, we’re excited to share a story of an entrepreneur whose path we know will hit close to home for many of our digital agency partners in the CTM community.

Tune in to learn more about Aaron Weiche’s journey from agency exec to CEO and co-founder of Leadferno, a business messaging solution. Hear about what inspired him to make the career pivots that he did, including founding and running multiple companies, as well as how he envisions the future of communication for businesses. You’ll discover why text messaging is no longer just a “nice to have” and how your communication strategy is at the heart of delivering a strong customer experience.

Listen now: