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How do I use CallTrackingMetrics from outside of the United States?

by CallTrackingMetrics

Welcome back to Ask an Expert, where real questions from our users are posed to the CallTrackingMetrics team members who specialize in that query. This week, we’re sitting down with engineer Greg Kubaryk, our resident expert in international tracking numbers and global connectivity. We pride ourselves in our global reach; compared to other call tracking and management software, we reach far beyond the rest into more than 80 countries! There’s always room to grow, so we’re still constantly striving to add tracking numbers in new countries, while deepening our connections into existing partner countries. We frequently get questions from users outside of our home country, wondering how to best take advantage of our incredible platform.

Does your software work just as well in countries outside the USA?

Of course! With our softphone, anywhere with a reliable internet connection is your office. We have customers doing call tracking across the globe: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, too! We can route calls worldwide, and we offer tracking numbers internationally. Our servers span the globe, and our ops team is always looking for ways to further improve your experience with CallTrackingMetrics. Try our mobile website or our new mobile app: your phone tracking can travel the world with you.

I see you have over 80 countries, but mine isn’t listed… are there any new countries in the pipeline?

Our carrier partners regularly expand their coverage and improve existing service locations, and we are constantly monitoring to offer new countries as they become available. We also continue to evaluate new carriers to expand our reach and bring you the quality that our customers expect from CallTrackingMetrics. Stay tuned for announcements about number availability in new countries – there’s a pretty big one in the works that a ton of users have been asking for!

How do I figure out how much usage would cost from my country?

All of our rates are published on our website. Different plans have different pricing and features: depending on your anticipated usage, it might be worth considering an upgrade for extra savings–you can change plans at any time.