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Telling CTM’s Story with a New Framework

by CallTrackingMetrics

Shopping for SaaS products and services is an overwhelming task. Whether you’re a business owner seeking a new software solution, a staff member responsible for product research, or a contact center in need of a company-wide service change, choosing the right SaaS product can be daunting. 

At CallTrackingMetrics (CTM), we want to remove any confusion or stress our customers face shopping for SaaS products. Just because a software is sophisticated doesn’t mean that figuring out whether it’s right for you and your business should be difficult. Over the past 11 years, we’ve helped thousands of businesses, large and small, simplify and improve their communication and marketing efforts through call tracking. However, as running a business today demands more and more software for everyday activities, we knew it was time to evolve not just our offerings, but our design, too. This is why our repositioning goal is to make finding software, tracking calls, optimizing your marketing campaigns, and maximizing your ROI as simple and successful as possible. 

Re-envisioning Our Approach

Call tracking is a complex process with a bunch of moving parts. However, implementing call tracking software so you can easily track and manage leads, optimize campaigns, and make intelligent marketing decisions isn’t that difficult – with a little help, anyway. CTM decided to rename our plans to not only help cut down on all the noise in the market, but to guide you through the key differences between our offerings and those of our competitors. We aimed for a better customer experience through streamlined visuals, jargon-free language, and easy access to CTM demos, plans, and representatives.

Our Evolving Plans

One major step we took in re-envisioning our approach was renaming our customizable plans. Each plan aims to help companies get more from their marketing spend through real-time data, advertising insights, and better-connected teams. Scott C, a CTM client, says that they want to “find out how every dollar is being spent,” and this updated narrative aims to show exactly how we make that wish come true. 

Check out how we’re moving CTM’s plans forward via new names, and how these new categories better serve our current一and future一customers:

Business plan → Performance plan

We realized that what we had conceived of as a business plan has a wider variety of uses than we anticipated. We know that all the work you do, no matter the size or type of venture you’re working on, can perform better when driven by data. We’ve renamed our Business plan to Performance Plan, to reflect that when your marketing efforts are tracked in detail and reported, your campaigns can simply perform better. We renamed this plan to reflect its intention – increasing efficiency and boosting performance, no matter the size of your venture, business, or company.

Marketing plan → Growth plan

We discovered it’s not just about marketing – it’s about growing. Originally, we conceived of this plan as a plan for agencies. Now, however, we realize that a variety of ventures need great tools to measure performance, elevate their customers’ experience, and help their customers grow. We’ve added more analytics and agency account options, which means the Growth Plan is capable of leveling up your client’s campaign efforts and returns. It’s not just marketers who need analytics to growーit’s everyone. 

Contact Center plan → Connect Plan

Though CTM loves supporting our contact centers clients and enjoys helping contact centers flourish, we renamed this plan with the realization that its central goal is to bring all of your communications together, optimizing both your campaigns and customer relationships. On our Connect Plan, you can integrate your CTM account with all the other tools you’re using to gain even more insight into your teams and marketing efforts. By connecting your marketing and sales teams, our newly rebranded Connect Plan creates a cohesive customer experience that drives conversions and maximizes your ROI.

Improving Our Framework with StoryBrand

Just like you, we like to leverage the best tools available to bring our customers success, which is why our marketing team followed StoryBrand’s recommendations for messaging and marketing through storytelling. This model is proven to help customers more easily navigate products and services by focusing on clarity, inclusivity, and storytelling. As Donald Miller, author of Building a Storybrand, says, “We all know how mind-numbing it is to spend precious dollars on a new marketing effort that gets no results” (Building a Storybrand). We know that getting our new vision right is crucial to helping our customers get their brands right, which is why we adopted a framework designed to help us accomplish just that. We are continually looking for places and ways to implement what we’ve learned from StoryBrand about marketing storytelling so we can communicate better with you-our valued customers and partners. 

The Future of CTM’s Brand 

So what does CTM look like moving forward? These days, we’re all about simplicity. We want to make the process of tracking calls and analyzing campaigns painless and easy to understand. We know that you and your team have to learn multiple software applications to conduct business, so we’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes keep their technology approachable and low-stress. Our team is expanding and ready to help you harness call tracking, streamline your processes, and adopt a plan that integrates seamlessly with your current workstreams.