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Video | Drift Chat, AB Testing, and Launchpad: CallTrackingMetrics New Releases for January 2021

by Frances Miller

CallTrackingMetrics regularly updates features and functionality of its marketing attribution and contact center software. These changes are often driven by customer feedback and help our customers continue to scale with the platform. This month, we’re detailing brand new integrations like Drift and A/B testing platforms, custom agent settings, and our recently launched training opportunities.

Watch: January 2021 Release Video

In this month’s video, CTM Account Executive Jonathan Morgia takes us through the most notable CallTrackingMetrics new releases.

Drift Chat Integration

Deliver exceptional, personalized customer chat experiences with Drift, an AI-driven chat tool, and CallTrackingMetrics. Our integration allows you to maintain the Drift user interface and chat experience on your site, yet leverage CTM’s Activity Log to manage all of your customer conversations in one place. Empower agents to personalize the interaction with insights from CallTrackingMetrics around visitor path and history with your company

Integrate with Drift

A/B Testing Integrations

For the marketers on our platform, we’ve added two A/B testing integrations. A/B testing allows marketers to clearly see which content customers engage with more. Test which ads, messaging, and CTAs drive revenue and conversations with Symplify or AB Tasty.


Symplify’s conversion suite gives you real-time visibility into your testing and conversion analytics. Our integration brings in data gathered from phone calls, texts, chats, and form fills in CallTrackingMetrics to inform your testing strategy and boost performance. On the customer experience front, you can deliver a more personalized experience on the phone by granting agents access to a customer’s session history with Symplify.

Integrate with Symplify

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is an AI-driven experimentation, personalization and product optimization tool. The integration leverages the data gathered from calls, texts, chats, and form fills in CallTrackingMetrics to inform your website decisions and drive conversions. Within CTM, you can also view a customer’s AB Tasty testing history. This allows agents answering phone calls to reference which experiment or version of a page a customer was viewing while interacting with them in order to tailor the conversation.

Integrate with AB Tasty

Custom Ringtones

CTM now offers a ringtone selection so you can further customize your agents’ experience using our Softphone. This update allows the agent to upload the specific audio file they’d like to hear when their phone rings.

Create custom ringtones

Launchpad Training Hub

Launchpad is a self-guided training course that covers CTM’s core concepts and key steps to get started with call tracking. Our training experts want to ensure that you are equipped to succeed and take advantage of all CTM has to offer to grow your business. So, along with the Launchpad training portal, we offer a live Launchpad Academy each month as well as a live Q&A Power Hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

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