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AI in Digital Marketing: 5 Key Benefits

by Barb Cronin

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It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way teams operate, especially digital marketing teams. There are many benefits of AI in digital marketing. Many of these benefits free team members from tedious daily tasks, letting them focus on more complex responsibilities. This benefits not only team members and organizations but also customers of organizations utilizing AI-powered tools.

The capabilities of AI-powered tools are vast and range from sending emails and promo texts to scheduling customer appointments and writing blog posts. With such enormous and varied capabilities, the benefits of AI in digital marketing are great too.

The AI market for the digital marketing industry in 2021 was estimated to be $15.84 billion USD and projected to reach $107.5 billion by 2028.

At CallTrackingMetrics, several of our features powered by AI are used by our sales and marketing teams who love all of the benefits they deliver. As AI continues to evolve so, too, will the benefits and capabilities. Here are five key benefits of AI in digital marketing:

5 Benefits of AI for Digital Marketing and Sales Teams

Every organization is ultimately looking to achieve increased revenue including digital marketing and sales teams. AI has been shown to impact exactly that. In fact, 79% of sales and marketing professionals report AI has helped them increase revenue.

Are you using AI to help your bottom line? These tools help digital marketing teams do more with less and maximize team productivity.

1. Automatically Score Activities


Conversations with customers and prospects provide a wealth of insights. However, sifting through call after call and text after text can be time-consuming and tedious. Then, scoring these interactions takes even more time. One of the great benefits of AI for digital marketing is having this information at your fingertips–automatically and instantly.

Activity scoring through tools like recordings, transcriptions, and keyword spotting does this work and saves precious time. Call scoring and lead scoring help teams to know quickly and easily where to focus their efforts to get the best results. This helps to eliminate wasted time and money for digital marketing teams. With this data, they can stop spending money on ad campaigns not delivering results and start focusing on the ones working best.

Automatically scored conversations can also support sales teams. Preset triggers based on scores and other details can be set to automatically prompt the next steps. These steps can range from putting the customer into a callback queue for the agent they last spoke with to sending a custom conversion back to Google Ads to inform their own AI-driven optimization.

This not only saves organizations time and improves efficiency, but it also delivers an exceptional customer experience. This results in prospects becoming customers and customers being loyal to your brand.

2. Automatically Summarize Conversations


Another benefit of AI in digital marketing is the ability of certain tools, like CTM’s AskAI, to automatically summarize a conversation. Pre-programmed, customizable inquiries like, ‘Summarize this conversation in two sentences.’ let you see exactly what the call was about within seconds after a call, text, or chat has concluded. 

In addition, you can automate inquiries such as: 

  • Was this call successful? 
  • What was the outcome of this conversation? 
  • What was the tone of the call?
  • Is this a good lead?
  • Why did this person call? 

This not only saves time and resources, but also lets sales and marketing teams understand the caller’s intent, prioritize leads, and optimize messaging to more effectively nurture prospects along the buyer’s journey. This is a huge benefit of AI in digital marketing. 

All of this automatically generated information can be used to determine patterns, like an increase in callers using specific keywords or mentioning specific ads. Through integrations, this data can then be automatically sent to other platforms to optimize paid ads.  

In addition to these benefits for digital marketers, contact center managers also benefit. They can quickly determine what actions set best-performing agents apart from their colleagues and use these summaries to coach other agents. This will help to optimize agents’ performance across all locations and departments; this information can also be used for training new employees. 

3. Easily Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Ideal Customer

Conversation intelligence tools is another benefit of AI in digital marketing. These tools provide first-hand insight into your prospects and customers. There’s no better way to get information about customers than directly from them—and that’s just what these AI-powered tools do. 

Tools like sentiment analysis and keyword spotting let you look for specific words and tones spoken. You can then easily see patterns in sentiment and keywords. For example, do customers who frequently upgrade give certain indications through the conversation and specific words spoken that they are good candidates for this? 

You can also look for certain keywords that indicate one of your campaigns is working well. For instance, if you’re running a campaign focused on an AI-related keyword, you can look for that keyword in conversations to gauge whether those ads are converting or not. 

This will give you a general idea of what problems your prospects and customers are trying to solve and what messages are resonating with them. However, integrations, another important benefit of AI in digital marketing,  allow you to really zero in on this. 

4. Seamlessly Optimize Paid Ads and Ad Spend


Some clicks cost more than others. When you know which of those pay-per-click (PPC) ads are driving the most conversions, you’ll know which to focus on and where to pull back. You can stop paying for ads that aren’t working and invest in those that are–an enormous benefit of AI in digital marketing today. 

Integrations, like those with Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more, seamlessly connect data from ad campaigns to offline conversations in a software platform like CTM. Then, with a bi-directional integration with Google Ads, this data is analyzed, scored, and tagged before sending back for optimizations in Google Ads automatically. 

You can see down to the keyword level what’s working the best to drive the highest-value conversions. You can also connect Google Call Ads for click-level attribution data. When you use call tracking, these online activities can be connected to phone calls and texts, too. This gives you a full attribution picture of all of your marketing efforts. 

5. Do More with Less


Overall, the best benefits of AI in digital marketing are empowering teams to accomplish more and as the saying goes, ‘work smarter, not harder.’ Whether it’s less time or less money, being able to accomplish more with fewer resources is a smart (and often necessary) business strategy. AI-powered tools help digital marketers do just that. 

Many of the AI-powered tools mentioned here like, activity scoring, conversation analytics, AskAI, and integrations, help teams and departments turn less into more and drive revenue. The benefits of AI tools in digital marketing give marketers what they need to accomplish more, focus on the best opportunities, and deliver great experiences for their customers. At CTM, we use our AI-powered tools every day to do more, prove ROI, and increase revenue! 

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